It’s our Greatest Hour…Do not fear!


Ya know church, we are entering our greatest hour! Isaiah 54 is for us: Sing! Enlarge the place of your tent! Spread out and prepare for many to come into the Kingdom of God! Then our Lord also says: FEAR NOT. Why? Because our enemy is on the move to deceive us into thinking we are doomed when, in fact, we are entering GLORY!

I have been feeling strongly in the spirit that we are about to see many things in the natural world that will cause sweeping fear among the people both believers and not. There has been quite a lot of bad news lately, but this will be more intense, very disturbing on the surface, and move people potentially to panic. The Lord spoke clearly while I was reading in Isaiah 7 about a situation that happened to Judah; it says in verse 2 that the people’s hearts shook like trees in the wind. God said to His prophet “Go out” and tell the nation “Do NOT FEAR or be faint-hearted at these smoking firebrands… in verse 7 the Lord declares their plans shall not stand, neither shall they come to pass! No matter what we see in the news (which is usually mostly not true anyway), or hear with our ears, listen to the voice of God instead! He is telling His people in this hour DO NOT FEAR! This is just smoke and mirrors!

If we stand strong in faith, listen to God and do what He says, nothing shall in anyway harm us! Stay the course sons and daughters of God! The prize of His manifest presence as He habitats with us in refreshing revival is just around the corner!

submitted by Rev Cheryl Birch
July 16, 2014

May be shared in whole with submitted by and date intact.

Get LOW!


Precious intercessors – in our area we have been on an exciting adventure in the Lord. He first gave us a prophetic promise of being catapulted into our destiny in Him, then the word “Launch” began to be spoken by prophetic folks and He gave me instruction to “prepare for the launch.” Now, the word “advance” has started to be released by prophetic intercessors. I believe from all of this that we are in forward motion, we are launched and we are advancing and very shortly we will be catapulted into the very things we have been dreaming, hoping, visioning, praying, and laboring for in intercession.

This dream came to me in the very early AM 6-12-14 as direction,loving warning and encouragement. I know that I am both myself in the dream and also I am representing all of the prophetic intercessors and advancing church prophetically.

Here is the dream with some explanation:
I was at a gathering of absolute brilliant light with tens of thousands of others. Out of the gathering came many wonderful God directed ideas, solutions, plans, healing, restoration etc. People each got into their vehicles, which represents their ministry, and headed out to accomplish these things for the Lord. I stood watching and, though they all originally headed out going the direction the Lord showed them, not far down the road they took a wrong turn. One by one they got on a pathway that was headed for a cliff. I tried to run after them to warn them, but I could not help them that way. In the dream, I had to go to the base of the cliff and climb up to the place where they were about to go off and lose everything. So, I went down to the base of the cliff and easily climbed up the mountain of problems – all went well until I got to the opening in the cliff where they were all headed for destruction.

At the opening sat a huge being that I can only describe as like Jaba the Hut in the Star Wars movies, foul ugly slug with a huge mouth. I got to the top and it blocked my path. I tried every way to get around it. Nothing worked. I could see a couple of vehicles go off the cliff and crash at the bottom. I was devastated and desperate to get around to help others avoid the cliff.

First, the beast was seductive and tried to lure me into its trap of snakelike ropes. It face change to that of a pleasant smiling man. That made me very ill and, thankfully, its plan did not work. When it saw that I could not be drawn into its trap, it peppered me with things that hit me and hurt me deeply. It said I could not get past it because I was like it and could never move forward. Revulsion swept over me as this beast was so vile. Then I realized it was Leviathan – it was PRIDE. That was why I was like it. I was dealing with pride. In the dream I immediately got low. When I was flattened, I was no longer like it, I easily slid under it and jumped up with great strength, zeal, power, joy, love etc on the other side. It could not stop me!

With a bright blue weapon provided supernaturally, that I believe was Prayer, every disaster from that point on was diverted. The blue weapon hit the vehicles and they all either stopped or turned back to the path ordained for them. A person got out of their vehicle and said to me “How did you do all this? This is amazing that no one got hurt.” I told them, how I did it and we wept with joy thanking God for revealing the answer for this season.

So, dear friends and intercessors, after praying and meditating this this AM, the Lord has told me to post this for all of you. It is, He tells me, not only for me. We are all about to find ourselves in situations where our PRIDE is an issue. Either there will be an attempt to seduce us into thinking we are just fine the way we are, or we will be brutally assaulted by the enemy through people and situations we least expect. This is in order to block us and stop the advance.

We must ask Him to deal with all of our areas of wounded pride from the past so we can receive healing. Then ask Him to teach us how to get LOW so we can handle all future challenging situations. I am asking Him to flatten us and keep us in a place of humility no matter how much our pride is being wounded. When we stay low, the enemy cannot stop us from advancing. In fact, in the dream it was like it could not even see me. In this flattening the love of Jesus can flow in power.

Believe me, I am not an expert at this. I fail frequently but, I am learning that, when I feel blocked and/or hurt that most of the time, it is pride stopping me from advancing. The simple acts of repenting, as much as needed, forgiving and letting go – telling God we cannot do anything with out HIM and His direction – relying on the Holy Spirit, will help us to successfully get past this guard. Since people will be used to deliver the “blows” and cause the problems, practice now so you will be responding in the future by immediately forgiving and blessing them as you would want to be blessed. In blessing there is the power of God’s love. Our temptation is to curse them, but that hurts them and us – it makes us weak and we end up defeated. Father God wants us victorious wielding our bright blue weapon of prayer supernaturally defeating the enemy’s plans.

Prepare with love as your breastplate – stay low fellow intercessors and advancing church, the victory is found flat on our face before God.

We will be praying that the advancing church enter into humility and stay LOW during our prayers.

Blessing you with with great JOY and strength! We are about to breakthrough with humility in to His glorious plans!

With love

Submitted by Rev Cheryl ‘s Birch
June 12, 2014

May be shared in whole with submitted by and date intact.

Believe Big – Pray Big

Rev Cheryl Birch

Rev Cheryl Birch

Believe Big, Pray Big
Released by Rev Cheryl Birch
at the Pray Modesto Prayer Breakfast
June 5, 2014

This morning we have a unique opportunity to seize this moment in time and touch the very heart of God.

From 1915 to about 1920 Spokane Washington became the healthiest city in the USA; even during the 1918 flu epidemic that killed thousands, they had remarkable health and wellbeing as God poured out healing upon the people.

In 1948, in a place called Lewis, the New Hebrides Islands experienced the start of a 30 year long move of God that transformed the island communities from one of high crime, moral decline, poverty and complacency into a place of salvation, healing, and prosperity.

In the 1990’s a move of God swept through parts of Colombia, South America and areas of Central America that unified the church, transformed drug cartel leaders, and changed the very atmosphere of the regions from impoverished oppressed and fearful to places that rapidly grew in the Lord and are still home to thriving churches.

In 2004 a town called Manchester in Kentucky experienced a move of God that changed them from a dying town held captive by drug dealers and crime – to a thriving community. They were overshadowed by death. Everyone in the state called them the “illegal drug capitol of Kentucky” – the Lord changed them to “the city of Hope”- lives miraculously transformed; even the land and water polluted by drug chemicals were amazingly restored

We see the mighty move of God suddenly come upon these places in the world and we say Wow, it’s a wonder and a miracle… truly it is, but every one of these places and all the amazing awakening and transformation stories over the centuries, including the ones recorded in the word of God, all have something in common.

There was a group of people desperate for God, who humbled themselves before Him, believed big, prayed big in Jesus name and never ever gave up on His promises. It took time, often years, but then suddenly God answered and seemingly overnight everything changed for good.

There is something spectacular that happens all around us when we humble ourselves before God, believe His word, invite His presence, honor one another and pray with faith… There is an unseen impact of our prayers that unites us supernaturally and moves the heart of Father God to bless and transform first us and then our city for His good purpose.

The good news, the really wonderful news, is our God wants this city to thrive in HIM, not barely survive. He wants to pour out answers to every prayer.

We need to get desperate – or, as it says in the Book of James: “ it is the effectual FERVENT prayers of the righteous that avail much” – so, the Lord is encouraging us to be fervent, to dream big because Jesus has opened heaven to us – to become co-conspirators with the Holy Spirit; to conspire with Him for His Kingdom to come and His will be done on earth as it is in heaven. To be influencers in every sphere of our city – a people who Pray big – that ask the impossible of a loving Father who is waiting to pour down good gifts.

When we gather we can become ONE voice, with ONE purpose, united in Christ Jesus, to bless the souls in this city to prosper in all good things.

The other component that is vital is to not lose heart, to not ever give up – can’t pray very fervently when we have given up.

Jesus said in Luke 18:1 that people always ought to pray and not lose heart,

Lose heart = Ekkakeo (ek ah kay oh) which means to be utterly spiritless, to be wearied out, exhausted

Also used in Galatians 6:9 And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.

If you have felt weary, spiritless and exhausted – it is time to rise up out of that! It is time to get desperate, fervent, in your prayers. Or as Winston Churchill said “Never, Never, Never give up” –

Let’s approach our time of prayer with a heart full of forgiveness and love toward one another, esteeming one another more than ourselves… Let’s pray with Now Faith, the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Today let us repent and humble ourselves, join in what God is doing and go where He is going.

Let’s believe Big, pray Big!

That Modesto may be declared an Isaiah 62 City – A city that glorifies the Lord, a city that is called delightful, a city over which God rejoices, a city where business and commerce flourishes, a city where our sons and daughters prosper, a city that is a praise in the earth, a city no longer called desolate, a city filled with a holy people, a city called Sought Out, a city Not Forsaken.

Our God is for us, Modesto! In Jesus mighty name who can be against us?

Pray knowing that with our God nothing, absolutely nothing, is impossible!


May be shared in whole including name of author, place released, and date.

Rise and Shine


Isaiah Chapter 60 keeps ringing in my heart. This came to me as I meditated on the verses.

Arise and shine
Our light has come
The glory of the Lord is upon us
He’s risen in Light
He’s shining bright
In the midst of great darkness

Let’s take our place
Standing boldly in the midst of our nation
Ready to share His glory
Our job is clear
To bring Jesus near
to a lost and hurting generation.

Prayer: Let me no longer be seen. Let the Lord shine brightly and be seen in me.

received March 31, 2014
submitted by Rev Cheryl S Birch

May be share in whole with date received and submitted by intact.

A Word to the Sons and Daughters of God

hands reaching

The Holy Spirit is developing within the sons and daughters of God a growing appreciation for the whole body of Christ. A new appreciate for them right where they are. He is removing in this hour a new layer of being judgmental and critical of one another. Religious teaching is falling off, like scales fell off Paul’s eyes, so that we can see the body of Christ through the eyes of the Father.

It is a time of weeping. A time of weepy prayers and repentance as we see with renewed eyes what we have missed by being separated and even hating one another. Loving one another as Jesus has loved us is being birthed in the hearts of those who have been praying and interceding and asking diligently for more; asking to know the love of God. He is pouring out His heart right now to those who have not given up. Every Prayer we have asked in His Name, that is in line with His plans and purposes, WILL come to pass. He is answering every single one of them in this hour – because we have never ever given up – because we have stood in faith. We keep asking, seeking and knocking and His heart is pouring out answers.

This is an intense hour, as all that stands in the way of answering the prayers must be crushed to powder, removed, healed, reconciled. No room for selfish pride, fear, rejection, or religious constraints. A new love is being birthed in the body that will love as Jesus loved, a sacrificing love, a compassion that moves our heart like it moved the heart of Jesus. It is growing in us and it must be expressed. We are receiving the transformation we have been asking for. It is transformation from the inside out. It’s quite emotional. It must be expressed so that it will flow steadily. Be emotional. Be weepy. It is all good! It is all healing.

The sons and daughters of God are on the pointed tip of something that is so huge. It is big. It is causing war and push-back from the enemy. Fight off fear. The result will be reconciliation, re-birthing of that which you thought was dead and would never come to pass, launching of NEW THINGS, so many stirrings of new things in the men and women leaders, new things in the praying church. Be a catalyst. Do what the Lord calls you to. Do it no matter what. Be determined to do it with JOY and PEACE, not fear.

The Lord is speaking that He wants to give His sons and daughters a glimpse into the eternal value of what He is calling us to. When He comes, tell Him YES! Tell Him whatever is needed “do unto to me” just like Mary. This is far reaching, reaching into eternity. Each of us is designed perfectly and precisely for what He is about to reveal. It is written into our very DNA, every bit of our life, good and bad, has been used to prepare us, just so we can glorify Him, honor Him, and Praise Him with our lives.

Let tears come, both joy at the greatness and glory of it and sorrow at time wasted, but with no guilt or condemnation; instead with determination to waste no more time. It is glorious and magnificent and way beyond our capabilities. He will indeed be glorified. And, as He shows us the huge picture, keep doing the small things step by step to get there knowing all you are walking through, all the hard stuff, is worth it. He is worth it. The glory that is set before you is worth it.

Submitted by Rev. Cheryl Birch
Received 3-16-14

May be shared in whole with submitted by and date in tact.

Pray and Pray Some More!


The Lord is saying pray, pray, pray and when you are finished pray some more! This is not a time to stop praying! Not a time to pull back! He is telling me that February is a pivotal month. There is huge, I mean a huge shift in the spirit realms. Our God is shaking loose the hold of demonic forces that have held back the fullness of His plans in the earth. He is launching ministries He has been preparing for years. Mature ministers of reconciliation are about to be revealed who walk in His power. Relatively unknown until now, they are about to change our world for Him and Him alone. Hidden things, both evil to be cleansed and His glorious works of transformation, are about to be revealed. The enemy is fighting back with whatever means to make ill, distract, deplete, defeat, depress, oppress, and stop God’s chosen. People’s flesh are failing and fear is trying to take hold, but we are to stand strong and not be moved. We must pull down the high things. The Holy Spirit is clearly telling us to HOLD THE LINE and prepare for every opportunity to advance the Kingdom of God. We must press in no matter what is going on in our own lives and follow His heart, hear Him and proclaim, declare and decree what we hear. We must declare His word! The gates of hell shall NOT prevail against the church! His Kingdom come. His will be done, on earth as it is in heaven! Get ready beloved we are about to see the glory of the Lord transform our nations!

Submitted by Rev Cheryl Birch 2-3-2014
Maybe shared in whole with submitted by and date intact.

Dream Rev 3:14-19


A Dream about the Bride of Christ:

In the dream I was an observer watching what was going on. I was in a room packed with representatives of every philosophy and form of religion. The room looked like a retreat house. Each representative was taking a turn talking and expounding upon the value of their beliefs.

The scene changed and there was a radiant woman driving a car winding up a mountain. She was lost and going in circles and zig-zagging on the mountain roads trying to find the retreat house. She was nervous and afraid, but finally found the location. She parked her car next to the others in the dirt lot and entered the retreat room.

The scene changed and I saw her walk into the room. No one acknowledged her. They were all in dark shadows. All I could see were outlines of various shapes that were icons of the various belief systems. I knew all the world’s philosophies and beliefs were gathered. The radiant woman was the Bride of Christ. She was all light, no shadow. When she entered everywhere she stepped the room lit up.

She went to a place to the left side of the room and sat on the floor. She leaned against a chair, but did not sit on the chair. All the others were sitting on a chair. She folded her arms across her chest and stretched out her legs in front of her. She crossed her ankles. As she crossed her ankles I realized she was naked. As she sat there she listened, but said nothing she did nothing and she never sat in her chair. (Chairs represent seats of authority.) It was obvious as well that all the others completely ignored her and just kept doing their thing. Her presence did not stop them from proceeding with their dialog.

After awhile she got up, left the room and left the retreat house. She walked and walked. She was looking for her cabin. She passed up cabins and houses, tents and trailers and kept walking searching and looking but none of them were her cabin. At the end of the walk was a pier looking out over a vast body of water. The end of it could not be seen. She stood with the wind blowing her hair on the end of the pier. Directly in front of her appeared to escalators; one going up and one going down. People by the hundreds were walking toward the escalators, some went up joyfully. I could hear them laughing and singing. They disappeared into clouds. Some went down and disappeared into darkness that moaned. She stood and watched this process for quite some time and then turned and made her way back to the retreat house.

When she got there, a very kindly gray-haired man greeted her and said: What you need is this coat and directions. He wrapped her in a beautiful white robe. At that moment, I realized her eyes had been covered with scales. They fell off as the robe/coat wrapped her. The kindly man drew a map for her and handed it to her. It was a map to her cabin. She thanked him, they hugged and she started walking following his directions. She walked through beautiful lush green forest of pine and there was her cabin. All the others she had seen along the way were tiny and made of stone or wood, hers was huge and glowing made of something not of this earth.

That was the end of the dream.

When I woke up the Lord immediately gave me Revelation 3:14-19. The dream was about the condition of the Bride of Christ and the hope for her future. Right now she is looked upon by people as the representative in the world of one of many religions and philosophies of life. She is leaning on but not fully sitting on her seat of authority in the earth. She is lost, blind and naked. She sees the vastness of what God has for her. She sees people going to hell, but because she cannot find her place of authority, she is not fully partaking of what God has for her and she is not winning people who are trapped in the world’s “many paths” thought pattern. She is nervous and afraid. The Hope is the Holy Spirit, the kindly man, is helping her to wrap herself in righteousness, to follow His directions (the Word of God) and to find her place. For she is to dwell in the place of life and she is the place where heaven meets earth, through whom the rivers of life flow. My prayer is that she learn, repents, takes her seat of authority with eyes open, ears open, clothed in righteousness. Lord begin with me, in Jesus Name. AMEN