The Wind is Blowing NORTH

Curious scripture this AM. Clearly heard from the Lord to read Ecclesiastes 1:6 The wind goes to the south and circles about to the north; it circles and circles about continually, and in its circut the wind returns again.

Wind is a representation of the Holy Spirit (unless specifically shown as a natural or evil wind) so this scripture is speaking of the “circut” of the Holy Spirit moving in the earth. As I meditated on this, I thought we could read it this way: The Holy Spirit goes to the south and circles about to the north; He circles and circles about continually, and in His circut the Holy Spirit returns again.

This verse is referenced with John 3:8 The wind blows (also the word means breathes) where it wills; and though you hear its sound, yet you neither know where it is going or where it comes from. So it is with everyone who is born of the Spirit.

I asked the Lord to explain what He was trying to show me and this is what I wrote: Receive this day the wind of My Spirit, new and fresh wind, a conviction of My Love and Holiness is pouring out today. Now is your Refreshing come. South America has had intense refreshing and revival- and, just as I have done there, I am circling around and around North America. I am blowing my breath upon Canada, the USA and Mexico. Believe and receive this day the wind of My Spirit.

Lord, we believe and receive! AMEN!

Originally received October 18, 2012 Rev Cheryl S. Birch

Be a Son! Be a Daughter!

The Lord spoke to my heart and I wrote:
Part 1
We have barely entered the “apostolic age.” This first wave of understanding and accepting that He still has apostles and prophets working in the earth was sent to prepare the way for the revealing of His mature sons and daughters; the revealing of His apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers; the like of which has not ever been seen in the earth. Even the glorious work that flowed through the Patriarchs and the 12 Disciples who were the first builders of the church, do not express His greatness, compassion or power as will the revealing of His apostolic people. These are ones who are the foundation of His final and most majestic work in the earth as millions upon millions of hearts are restored to Him; their Father in Heaven.

Part 2
A “new thing,” yet ancient and beyond ability to describe in human terms or words will rise up out of the shattered, divided and broken church we now know. Raise your sight, says the Lord. Look higher to where your help comes from. Raise your hope, says the Lord. Hope holy things that are impossible for man to achieve. They are very possible for Me to perform — in an instant, quickly, I will do it!

Settle not! Be expectant of much much more, yet satisfied with Me as all you need.

Part 3
Walk in Love. A supernatural ability to Love is about to cloth My sons and daughters and they will be moved with irresistible compassion that will cause many to become “undone” so that they may be established and united in Me.

Be a Son! Be a Daughter! Do not only be a child. In seeking to be true Sons and Daughters you find yourselves in Me.
Never forget that it is My love for you that motivates all that I do in your lives and in the world.

received during my prayer time 10-17-12
Rev. Cheryl S Birch