Crazy Happy in the Lord

Crazy happy in the Lord! So glad that perfection is not my goal. Who can be perfect but God? Performing & accomplishments are not my goal either. God isn’t impressed with my performance. Trying to fix everything around me is not my goal. Who can fix life’s messes? Only God! So, I am crazy happy in the Lord because my only goal is His Presence and increasing relationship with HIM. Sitting at His feet, Jesus says, is choosing the “good part that will not be taken away” (Luke Chapter 10:38-42). It is a place of no burdens, worry or undue stress. It is the place of being “crazy happy” in the Lord despite all circumstances of life!

One Man Cannot Stop God’s Plan for the USA

The Lord spoke to my heart today to share what He released to me on November 6th and 7th. These were posted on my personal facebook page and now it is time to share with all. Precious body of Christ, as you read these know that it is vital we stop focusing on one man as if he could possibly stop the glorious outpouring our God has destined for our nation. Or, that this elected leader is the be all end all answer to our nations woes. No matter what you think of the President, he is not higher than God or His Word. It is not one man, though elected to the high office of President, that will affect the destiny and course of this nation. It is the prayers, choices and actions of the ecclesia, the church, the disciples of the Lord Jesus, who hold the destiny of the nation. We, the church, can either hold back or release the nation to prosper and flourish. What we pray, what we speak out, what we do is the key. God is watching and waiting for a people after His heart…

With that said here are the two messages:

November 6th: I am more encouraged, excited and full of joy in the Lord than ever. No matter what is going on in the nation or the world, we can be assured that the Holy Spirit is taking us to a place where we can see it all from Father God’s perspective. Jesus is ushering us to the Father’s arms. He has a perfect plan, a hope and future for us that transcends politics and earthly leaders. His Kingdom is being built daily and the ecclesia is arising! The sons and daughters of God in the body of Christ, the true legislators, the anointed leaders, are about to enter their greatest hour.

I am full of joy in my Lord and King knowing that we are not being left out in the USA. Instead we are being given opportunity to shine like never before. We, the church, are being trained and made ready for our role in God’s plans to expess the love and justice of His Son and bring in the great great harvest of the world! With our current situation I would say we are about to be catapulted into the midst of the most glorious outpouring of God’s presence ever seen in the earth. Where darkness abounds, His graces abounds super uber over the top that much MORE!

November 7th
In the natural circumstances of this nation, I would not be joyful… but, I am filled to overflowing with great joy. Can’t explain it except that the Lord Most High is so very delighted. He sees something in us that is worth redeeming. He has created and allowed circumstances to both reveal the hidden ugly things of our heart and to expose a beautiful diamond of the part that has become fully His.

This is what He is impressing on me: “Draw upon that part of your heart that is fully Mine and speak out from that place.” I interpret this impression from Him to mean Bless and do not curse. Speak life and not death. Pray blessings of salvation, deliverance, God’s wisdom and understanding, God’s peace and love over our newly elected officials over all folks for whom we pray. Let God correct their course and deal with their hearts just like He is correcting our own course and dealing with our own hearts. Maybe, if we begin to sow the blessing of God’s word into our President and Legislature instead of complaining about them and cursing them, we will reap blessing…?

The most important part of this after the election message is JOY. There was a supernatural joy that poured out of heaven to those who would receive it. It ignited excitement and zeal for the things of God and an intensity of desire to flow in His plans and purposes. Ask Him for His heart for the USA and this supernatural strength and joy will be yours as well!


A meditation of my heart as I read the word of God:

We’re at Zarephath, the place of purging and refinement, the smelting of metals. (See 1 Kings). Like Ezekiel before us, we are in a wilderness place; a spiritual drought is upon the land. In Zarephath there is continuous provision. That which is dead is raised to life. The Purging Revival has begun! This is a refining fire time. The body of Christ is being plunged into the smelting pot to get all impurities out. To become pure gold. If we will yield, we will get free of everything that keeps us from serving God in power and authoriy. Our destiny is to decimate ba’al so the hearts of the people of the nations are turned back to God! Only in being purged of the influence of our cultures can we be used like Ezekiel to reveal the glorious majesty of our KING.

Purge out selfishness, Lord. Rid us of the murderous religious spirit and all false worship. Set us free of the pantheon of gods of this world that we may come into Your Holy places! Use us Lord to bring salvation and freedom in Your Spirit to our nations. In Jesus Name, AMEN.


Hearing this AM a love drenched directive from the Father out of His concern for our nation: It’s high time the body of Christ in the USA stops messing around and denying or ignoring their vital intercessory role for their nation. ALL of the body of Christ is called to intercede. The Remnant that has been praying needs re-inforcements. Prayer shields must be formed in the heavenlies. Get on your faces, repent, turn away from the world toward Me and PRAY church! PRAY! I WANT TO BLESS YOU AND YOUR NATION!

Purging Revival is Upon us


I read a statement the other day from Kenneth Copeland that really stirred my spirit prophetically. He said “Cultivate a constant awareness God is living in you.” 1 Corinthians 6:17 But the person who is united to the Lord becomes one spirit with Him…

The Father began to speak to my heart: Look around you. Observe how the body of Christ is living and ministering. I did that and it seems that very few of us have even considered it possible to be continuously and simultaneiously aware of the Presence of God while functioning effectively here in the earth. To most, it has been more of an “either or” situation or no awareness of God’s Presence at all. Father God wants us to know it is possible to live a fully aware, supernatural, simultaneous life in the Spirit and in the earth. Jesus walked this way in His earthly ministry. He was fully aware of the Father and the leading of His Spirit. He heard the Father and did what He heard. It is time that we accept that we can do so as well because we have Jesus as Savior, we have His Spirit and we are able to hear His voice. The time of this supernatural simultaneous ministry flowing through us is upon us. We need to be activated in it. It will begin to manifest when we are purged of our selfish ways.

I hear from the Lord that a “Purging” revival is beginning to flow from heaven. An intense call is upon the body of Christ to become humble and contrite. Humble means to be yielded to God’s word, will and ways. Contrite goes even deeper. It means we are willing to be crushed; purged of ourselves and our “agenda” and to be transformed into His likeness, always promoting His agenda in every situation, for His sake and for the sakes of others.

Purge means elimination and removal of something. The “something”that must be removed is our habitual selfishness and the leaven of both known and unknown sin in our lives. (1 Corinthians 5:6-7) He wants to wash us and give us new clean white garments.(Revelation 3:5,18)

The Holy Spirit is working to accomplish in us all that “purge” means. He is and will abolish, clean up, crush, dispose of, eradicate, exterminate, “murder”, and purify our flesh and rid us of selfish habitual thoughts, emotions and actions. This includes pride, rebellion, unforgiveness, greed, gluttony, coveting. fear of man, etc. Whatever is blocking us from moving forward in the perfect will of God is being and will be purged.

Our collective USA attitude has been to fight off this deep cleaning move of the Spirit and point out the sin of the world, our government, and others while we refuse to conform to God’s ways. This situation is about to radically change. As the grossness of our deep-seated self-based sin is revealed to us, we will run without hesitation to our only hope to be cleansed: The Arms of our Savior. There, we will turn in disgust from what we have clung to for so long. We will see its uselessness and see His glory. His Blood will wash us cleaner and cleaner with each purging trip to His altar and forgiveness, mercy and grace will flow in rivers launching us into a place in Him we have never been. The place only a contrite heart can go.

The spirit-filled church still has a tendency to expect revival to be a “party” of sorts; a continuous joyful jubilee celebration. That is only part of true revival that brings reformation.  First must come the greatest purging that has ever occurred in the church’s history. It is as significant as coming out of the Dark Ages. It will happen as we are quieted before His majesty. When that happens, our eyes will be opened to see into the heavenly things of God, hear His voice clearly and with great obedience we will do what we see and what we hear.

We will be simultaneously ministering before Him in heavenly places and pouring out His love to lost souls in need here on earth. Living in constant awareness that God is living in us and we are one Spirit with HIM!

As purging overtakes your life, persevere in it. Never, Never, Never give up in the process! The Father has only your good on His mind!

Let the purging begin Lord, begin it with me.

respectfully submitted by Rev Cheryl Birch

Food for Prayer

As I was praying during 2010 I had these three thoughts come to my mind and permeate my heart. These truths that fell out of heaven changed the way I prayed from that day on. Today the Holy Spirit put on my heart to share them with you just as I received them:

1. We pray: Rise up Lord and scatter the enemy. Jesus already arose and defeated the enemy completely; making a spectacle of him. He defeated death, hell and the grave and transferred the keys of the kingdom to us. Therefore we should be thanking God that our enemy is defeated and begin the process of standing strong on every promise in His Word.

2. We pray for an open heaven, but Jesus opened heaven wide for us. Every curse has been dealt with. When we receive Him all curses are cancelled by His shed blood. We become a walking open heaven. The only blockage is unrepentant sin (ours and corporate),unbelief and lack of faith. Therefore we should thank God that heaven is open over us, repent quickly for sin, trust Him and stand in faith believe for the blessings that are ours.

3. We pray: Take me into the Holy of Holies. We long to be in His presence. Truth is we are seated in heavenly places. The veil has been torn in two so we can boldy come to God. When Jesus apprehended us and we received His Spirit we gained entrance to the Holy of Holies. Think of it as a person seated in the most beautiful place in the universe but they have a blind fold on, plugs in their ears and bag over their head. They are in the midst of a glorious place and they catch whiff of it periodically and know it’s good, but they cannot see or hear. Therefore, we should be asking God to remove the bag, remove the blinders, remove the earplugs that we might see and hear Him clearly… for we are in His presence at all times and have daily access to the intimacies of His heart.

respectfully submitted Rev Cheryl S Birch