Purging Revival is Upon us


I read a statement the other day from Kenneth Copeland that really stirred my spirit prophetically. He said “Cultivate a constant awareness God is living in you.” 1 Corinthians 6:17 But the person who is united to the Lord becomes one spirit with Him…

The Father began to speak to my heart: Look around you. Observe how the body of Christ is living and ministering. I did that and it seems that very few of us have even considered it possible to be continuously and simultaneiously aware of the Presence of God while functioning effectively here in the earth. To most, it has been more of an “either or” situation or no awareness of God’s Presence at all. Father God wants us to know it is possible to live a fully aware, supernatural, simultaneous life in the Spirit and in the earth. Jesus walked this way in His earthly ministry. He was fully aware of the Father and the leading of His Spirit. He heard the Father and did what He heard. It is time that we accept that we can do so as well because we have Jesus as Savior, we have His Spirit and we are able to hear His voice. The time of this supernatural simultaneous ministry flowing through us is upon us. We need to be activated in it. It will begin to manifest when we are purged of our selfish ways.

I hear from the Lord that a “Purging” revival is beginning to flow from heaven. An intense call is upon the body of Christ to become humble and contrite. Humble means to be yielded to God’s word, will and ways. Contrite goes even deeper. It means we are willing to be crushed; purged of ourselves and our “agenda” and to be transformed into His likeness, always promoting His agenda in every situation, for His sake and for the sakes of others.

Purge means elimination and removal of something. The “something”that must be removed is our habitual selfishness and the leaven of both known and unknown sin in our lives. (1 Corinthians 5:6-7) He wants to wash us and give us new clean white garments.(Revelation 3:5,18)

The Holy Spirit is working to accomplish in us all that “purge” means. He is and will abolish, clean up, crush, dispose of, eradicate, exterminate, “murder”, and purify our flesh and rid us of selfish habitual thoughts, emotions and actions. This includes pride, rebellion, unforgiveness, greed, gluttony, coveting. fear of man, etc. Whatever is blocking us from moving forward in the perfect will of God is being and will be purged.

Our collective USA attitude has been to fight off this deep cleaning move of the Spirit and point out the sin of the world, our government, and others while we refuse to conform to God’s ways. This situation is about to radically change. As the grossness of our deep-seated self-based sin is revealed to us, we will run without hesitation to our only hope to be cleansed: The Arms of our Savior. There, we will turn in disgust from what we have clung to for so long. We will see its uselessness and see His glory. His Blood will wash us cleaner and cleaner with each purging trip to His altar and forgiveness, mercy and grace will flow in rivers launching us into a place in Him we have never been. The place only a contrite heart can go.

The spirit-filled church still has a tendency to expect revival to be a “party” of sorts; a continuous joyful jubilee celebration. That is only part of true revival that brings reformation.  First must come the greatest purging that has ever occurred in the church’s history. It is as significant as coming out of the Dark Ages. It will happen as we are quieted before His majesty. When that happens, our eyes will be opened to see into the heavenly things of God, hear His voice clearly and with great obedience we will do what we see and what we hear.

We will be simultaneously ministering before Him in heavenly places and pouring out His love to lost souls in need here on earth. Living in constant awareness that God is living in us and we are one Spirit with HIM!

As purging overtakes your life, persevere in it. Never, Never, Never give up in the process! The Father has only your good on His mind!

Let the purging begin Lord, begin it with me.

respectfully submitted by Rev Cheryl Birch


2 thoughts on “Purging Revival is Upon us

  1. mwalkerwade says:

    While we’re looking for a celebration, it cannot happen in our current state. It’s heartbreaking to see what we have made of the instructions Christ left and the pattern we were given in Acts 2. It’s such an unpopular design… We must repent, purge, and reform first.

  2. […] are have given up much, they are practicing and waiting on His timing. (Read the Green Room and Purging Revival)  And, that timing is […]

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