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A Prayer of my heart…

My Father, My Lord, My everything…Oh that my eyes could see and my heart receive the freedom,the supernatural freedom, that Jesus purchased for me.

Expand my capacity, Lord God, I pray in Jesus’ Holy Name, to understand that
I am FREE as are all who belong to You.

Oh that my inner being would expand and my mind be overtaken with the
knowledge that I am Your true son, a true daughter. Let me know the depth of Your love for me.

Remove all fear that binds me up and negates the joy You give. Let me dance in Your presence and live confidently wrapped in your arms of protection and strength.

Show me Father, show me… I Pray…

Oh my Yes! Now I see. I am free to come boldly to You in Your courts and approach your throne of Grace. I am free to run with abandon enjoying fullness of life in my ordained position in the earth.

Yes! I see, I am well-favored and you lavish me with wonderful gifts of tender healing and love.

I am your daughter.

You are my Father.

I am free.

I am grateful!

Thank you, Lord

Respectfully submitted Rev Cheryl S Birch

May be reposted and/or shared in whole with reference
to Rev Cheryl S Birch and date received intact.

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