In the Holy of Holies


I was reading 2 Chronicles Chapter 3-8 studying Solomon’s Temple and cross referencing this amazing story with the New Testament. Imagining the intensity of blood sacrifice that needed to be made in order to place the Ark of the Covenant in the Holy of Holies was overwhelming. It was a blood soaked walk, the blood of so many animals they lost count. This was just so from that day on one person,the High Priest, could go into the presence of God once a year. Our God filled the Temple with His Glory when the Ark was set in place and fire came down from heaven to consume the first sacrifice made in the Temple. They couldn’t stand His presence was so awesome.

Then I began to see our Jesus walking Calvary Road. It was a blood soaked walk. This time blood was shed so that all people could enter the presence of God just by believing on Him. The veil that once kept the people out of the Holy of Holies was ripped in two from top to bottom when Jesus died on the cross. He became the entrance to the Presence of the Father. Whosoever will believe on Jesus can now step into the Holy of Holies and enjoy the loving Presence of God. His glory now fills the temple of believer’s hearts and His fire burns within. As I sat and wept at the greatness of the sacrifice and the magnanimous love of the Father, I saw myself in the Holy of Holies at the mercy seat, there was gold of His Presence everywhere and my Lord said to me:

Tell My people I have spread My wings of protection over them. I have placed Cherubim to their right and their left with wings touching to shelter, to shield, to protect the dwelling place of My Ark. My delight is in them and I bid them to come and fear not. For My arms are open and my smile wide as the apples of My eye approach. I will run to them and show them the way to the deepest and highest places of My heart and My desire for their lives.

Let us eagerly and boldly draw near to the Father. There is nothing to stop us for Jesus has made the way.

Recieved by Rev Cheryl Birch 11-2-2012 and held until He gave permission to release it on 3-15-13.
May be share in whole with name and dates intact.



Fire! There’s a fire ready to burn bright.
My people are paralyzed with fright.
Tell them everything will be all right
They are standing in the center of My Light.

Fire! It’s the embers in their heart.
My people are not doing their part.
Tell them: Trust Me; it’s time to start!
They are protected by My loving heart.

Fire! It’s time to go out and share.
My people in complacency don’t care.
Tell them souls are in the enemy’s lair.
They are anointed to free them from the tares.

Fire! Time to lean on Me.
My people are the Me others see.
Tell them pray on bended knee.
They have My authority, the enemy will flee.

Fire! I AM the Flame in their soul.
My people are being made whole.
Tell them they are about to fullfill their greatest role.
They are My army who will save millions of souls.

respectfully submitted
Rev Cheryl S Birch
received 3-4-13

May be reposted and/or shared in whole with reference
to Rev Cheryl S Birch and date received intact.