Pray for RAIN!

raining glory


The Lord spoke to my heart it is time to “Pray for Rain!”  He gave me a vision of our Modesto clay ground that in the heat of summer becomes cement hard, but when it rains, it softens until, when wet, it is very plyable. This image He told me is the condition of most of the church and our nation right now. 

Hope poured into my heart as He said, “Pray for My rain!”   It is time for rain in the spirit, an outpouring of the Holy Spirit, once again in our area, in the fire zones burning out of control, and in all the dry places of our nation.  It is vital that we enter into concert with Him in a season of prayer and repentance that will break the sin cycle that has shut up heaven in the spirit realms and, in many areas, it is so dry that the natural realms are in drought.
Rain brings life, things grow as they are watered. It is refreshing, healing, cleansing, renewing. We need a down pour in the spirit and by what I am hearing, it is time to believe for Rain! Lots and lots and lots of His awesome spiritual rain!

If we will pray and ask, He will pour Himself out upon us and flood every soul in our cities, states and nation.

Received orginally June 13 in preparation for prayer June 14, 2013. Declared at Courts of Heaven Prayer June 18th. At that time we asked the Lord for sign that He would pour out His spiritual rain. Declared as did Ezekiel that we could hear the sound of the abundance of rain! Met again June 21st and the Holy Spirit once again led the meeting toward toward praying for rain. Powerful decree was made that it would Rain on our land and the spiritual rain would be so intense that it would burst forth in the natural realm.

The clouds began to form on Saturday June 22nd. On Sunday the sky was overcast all day and it felt like rain. North of us it was raining. On Monday in rained nearly all day. Steady soaking rain!!! said about this occurance in the northern half of California: “Rare June Atmospheric River headed for the West Coast. Meteorologists use the term atmospheric river to describe a long narrow plume piping deep moisture from the tropics to the mid-latitudes.” This river brought the “highest levels of atmospheric moisture for late June in the last 30 years for a part of northern California.” It arrived in the middle of the dry season. “Not a single one of the locations (where rain fell) averages more than an inch of rain in June. “Atmospheric rivers can transport as water vapor up to 15 times the average flow of liquid water at the mouth of the Mississippi River. If an atmospheric river stalls over a particular area, flooding can occur.”

atmospheric river

We believe the Lord sent us a sign and honored the decree He gave us as we prayed that His spiriutal outpouring is drenching our land. Repentance is on the increase. Prayer gatherings are on the increase. Desire for God and God alone is on the increase. As we cry out to Him and pray in concert with the heart of our Lord Jesus, the Father is hearing from heaven. He is about to heal our land!

submitted by Rev. Cheryl Birch  6-23-13, updated July 5, 2013

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