About to Launch

Happy Woman with Arms Outstretched

I saw the Bride of Christ rise up out of intense heavy black mud. It fell away from her face, neck, shoulders, arms, body and legs. Her feet were not yet free. Her hair was glorious, her face was radiant and turned upward. Her eyes were riveted on the Lord Jesus. Her arms were out at her sides and she looked like a super-hero comic character about to take off flying. She was about to be launched like a rocket into profound freedom in the Spirit. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is FREEDOM.

The Bride is ready to fly, but she is still rooted in the mud. The roots holding her feet to the world’s ways are not yet broken. These roots will soon be revealed, cut-off, broken, and healed. Whatever is needed will be supplied so she may FLY; SOAR with the Lord to prosperity in Him that He has reserved for this day and this hour.

submitted by Rev. Cheryl Birch 12-27-13
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2014 Turn Left!


The Lord spoke to my heart about 2014, as He did I saw the Bride of Christ walking along down a lovely path leading straight ahead. She came to a pure white wall. At first she just stood there and then she tried to go through the wall, but simply could not do it. It was obvious she knew going back was not an option and she tried again and again to go forward. She tried speaking to the wall, climbing the wall, trying to go under the wall, until she was beating it with her head and body. Finally, in exhaustion she looked up to heaven and asked Father God what to do. Then she stood very quiet and listened to the answer that she received. Her mind lit up. The wall is immovable! The wall was God’s wall. The path was not straight ahead. To the back it was dark. To the right it was dark. When she turned to the left the path lit up and she could see. So she turned left and headed down the path refreshed and full of joy.

The Lord told me His people must make a left turn toward spiritual change. Going backward is never an option. Going to the right is toward natural change through natural means. Though the spiritual change will eventually bring about great changes in the natural realm, His desire right now is spiritual transformation. It is a new path where His people will learn to more clearly hear His voice and immediately obey. Where they will grow in the fruits and gifts of the Holy Spirit and be not only anointed but demonstrative representatives of Jesus, their King, in the earth.

Everything that is not of Him will be uprooted (Matthew 5:8 Every plant which My Heavenly Father has not planted will be uprooted). Everything that is of Him will be instilled in His people. He said: in 2014 Turn Left!

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With Pure Mouths


Today I heard this from the Lord:
Tell My people with pure mouths they shall live and be blessed. With mouths full of curses they shall suffer consequences for they reject My ways. I do not wish them to suffer consequences of cursing themselves or others and urge them to enter into My blessings and My ways! They stand in their own way and what they desire is on hold. Understand that not blessing where they are and complaining is cursing. Understand that not blessing others and finding constant fault is cursing. Understand that I am not the member of any political party and I love those laboring in government as much as I love each human being in the world. Bless those who are your leaders and watch Me change your government, change your work places, change your churches, from the inside out I will change them. Bless yourself and others for Transformation is imminent for those who have a pure mouth. If My people will repent and represent Me. If they will speak My words of blessing, the desires of their heart shall be released into their nation.

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Snaps and tornadoes


In prayer this week we were specifically praying over the church. I declared that the body of Christ was free of all “Snaps” of the enemy. Now, I meant to say snares and traps of the enemy but it came out Snaps. My prayer partner and I were delighted by this word. Despite what I thought was mis-spoken, it had the power of God behind it and we once again declared all Snaps were broken in Jesus Name. Another intercessor saw white tornadoes cleaning up the church. We moved on in prayer to other topics, but, the word Snaps simply would not leave me and the image of white tornadoes stayed in my heart. There was no doubt that that Lord was trying to tell me something through these images that was important to me and to the body of Christ.

I looked up the meaning of the word snaps in the dictionary by direction of the Holy Spirit. Besides a type of button fastener this is what snaps means: a sudden breaking or to give way suddenly under pressure or tension.

Here is what the Lord spoke to my heart afterward:
Tell my people I wish to deal with the Snaps before their minds suddenly break. There is a decided plan of the enemy to cause My people to refuse to let go of the old and to stop them from embracing the new thing which I am doing. There is a plan to tempt them to grab hold of negative thoughts and enter into snares and traps that will cause their minds to SNAP. The pressure and tension of hanging on to what is old and refusing to embrace My new thing is too much for them. The pressure and tension of dwelling on negative thoughts is too much for them. Tell them to think on Me, to follow after Me. The old was very good, I instituted it. But I am moving My people forward, ever transforming and making changes in them. Build on the old and embrace the new! I am coming like a tornado, an unstoppable force. Tornadoes are precise, they rip up and take apart that which must go and they leave that which is of Me complete and whole. They also deposit things that have never been seen before. They bring the treasures needed for this time. When the tornado comes it is time to simply let go of what it is ripping away and then, in the storm’s midst, My Spirit will deposit the new thing I am doing in each life. My whirling storm of change and transformation can be quick or it can be relentless. My love is relentless and if My people fight the change they will be caught in the storm of My love to transform them. I will not leave you alone. I will not leave them alone. I will give you, I will give them, a new mind…My mind. Behold, I do a NEW thing!

Submitted by Rev Cheryl S Birch 12-17-13
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They Gathered with us…


At prayer and worship before a bible study gathering, suddenly the atmosphere changed. The room began to feel very full though there were only four of us present. An excitement began to build around us. I asked the Lord what was happening and I heard: Angels have gathered.

I began to see them in a vision:
Angels with battering rams to break down fortresses of fear and to open doors held closed by the enemy. Angels of passion, zeal and fervency to ignite the believers. Angels of purity, holiness and righteousness. Angels of steadfastness and wholeheartedness. Angels of Truth, truth about the word of God and the blood of Jesus. And one towering, very large, angel bearing peace.

We thanked the Lord for the gathering of angels and continued to worship.

The room kept feeling more and more full as more and more angels gathered with us. I saw them in a second very brief vision packing into the room. Truly I did not know what to do as the atmosphere continued to become electrified with the presence of God and His hosts of angels. They gathered with us and waited on us to discover their purpose by the Spirit of God. Then I heard: Release them by faith to go throughout the lands.

Holy Spirit showed me in a third very brief vision there were battalions of them and we were assigned to release them through prayer to do His work in our city and beyond to our nation and the nations.

He warned us that we must not get into error regarding them (the angels). We are not to fix our eyes on angels or stay our minds on angelic encounters, but we are to keep our minds fixed on Jesus and look to our Father in heaven.
We prayed and repented for any way we were in error regarding our view or emotions toward angels and then began to pray to release them.

In the fourth and final very brief vision, I saw the large angel of peace unfold his wings and cover us. We prayed as Holy Spirit led and through our prayers sent forth the angels to break down all strongholds of fear, to open doors, and to saturate the body of Christ with passion, zeal and fervency; purity, holiness and righteousness, steadfastness and wholeheartedness; and fullness of truth about the word of God and the blood of Jesus. Lastly, we asked for peace to blanket every believer.

When we finished, the peace of God and His presence remained with us but the room no longer felt packed full. We were greatly encouraged that this supernatural gathering occurred, but even more encouraged that the Lord used our prayers to release His heavenly helpers to do awesome work for Him throughout our land and lands around the world.

I believe the Lord gave us a gift in this experience of seeing and sensing what happens whenever we gather to pray. This night we were aware of angelic presence with natural as well as supernatural senses. Even when we do not sense there presence, they are there at every prayer gathering. The room is packed out. By the word of God in our mouths the angels are sent forth as the Holy Spirit leads us to speak out the Fathers plans. These are the things Jesus is interceding for at the Father’s right hand. Truly the effectual fervent prayers of the righteous avail much!

James 5:16

Submitted by Rev. Cheryl Birch 12/11/13
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You are not Hindered

Divine lightnings from above broke a chain on cloudy sky

When I was praying today I heard from the Lord and believe this will help many of you who are waiting on the Lord: You are not as hindered as you think you are. Don’t confuse a time of patient waiting and perseverance with abandonment by Me. My word has been in your mouth. You have released it and I have said that My word will not return to Me void. It will, again I say to you, it will accomplish the purpose for which it was sent. My Word will prosper! Though you do not yet walk in the answer – though you are, for a time, in circumstances that do not please you, hear this today: My Word is not chained, it is not hindered in any way. Though you feel imprisoned, my word is not imprisoned. It is doing a good work in you and it will do a good work wherever you send it. Your life is not void – you are not abandoned.You are not forgotten. If you will be patient and endure, the word in you will accomplish My purposes for your life and for the sake of all those I have called to Myself. Remember My servant Paul imprisoned and chained, beaten, and stoned – Just as he finished the race in glory, so will you.

2 Timothy 2:8-10, Isaiah 55:11

Submitted by Rev Cheryl Birch 12/9/13
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Go Light Up Your World


Heard this from the Lord on 11-29-13
You don’t understand how radiant you are. Go light up your world!
Precious sons and daughters, you are radiant with Jesus, the Anointed One, My Son! Daily your presence lights up the world around you. Though you stand in the midst of gross darkness, My radiance released through you makes the place where you are as bright as the noon day sun. Walk circumspect with Me, trust Me, lean on Me, repent of leaning on your own ways and My light will flow as rivers through you. Leaning on Me there is nothing that can hinder you. Have faith that My Light is touching those I put in your path. Listen to Me and speak what I say. See by My Spirit and do what you see. Expect miracles, I do them everyday!

Isaiah 60:1-3
Matthew 5:14,15
John 9:5

Submitted by Rev. Cheryl Birch
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