Pray and Pray Some More!


The Lord is saying pray, pray, pray and when you are finished pray some more! This is not a time to stop praying! Not a time to pull back! He is telling me that February is a pivotal month. There is huge, I mean a huge shift in the spirit realms. Our God is shaking loose the hold of demonic forces that have held back the fullness of His plans in the earth. He is launching ministries He has been preparing for years. Mature ministers of reconciliation are about to be revealed who walk in His power. Relatively unknown until now, they are about to change our world for Him and Him alone. Hidden things, both evil to be cleansed and His glorious works of transformation, are about to be revealed. The enemy is fighting back with whatever means to make ill, distract, deplete, defeat, depress, oppress, and stop God’s chosen. People’s flesh are failing and fear is trying to take hold, but we are to stand strong and not be moved. We must pull down the high things. The Holy Spirit is clearly telling us to HOLD THE LINE and prepare for every opportunity to advance the Kingdom of God. We must press in no matter what is going on in our own lives and follow His heart, hear Him and proclaim, declare and decree what we hear. We must declare His word! The gates of hell shall NOT prevail against the church! His Kingdom come. His will be done, on earth as it is in heaven! Get ready beloved we are about to see the glory of the Lord transform our nations!

Submitted by Rev Cheryl Birch 2-3-2014
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