Never Give up – Answers are on the Way!

RAIN (2)

Love how the Lord unexpectedly and suddenly begins to work out the answers to our prayers by moving on the hearts of His people. He is so creative and uses every one of His kids to bring about His plans and purposes in the earth. What does it take to see magnificent changes begin to occur in a life, a city, a nation? Loving and trusting Him with your whole heart and patient willingness to pray in faith without ceasing… even if it takes years for the answers to come.

Never, Never, Never give up! Believe His blessings are pouring out of heaven, because they are!!!

Intercessor Promise! Be Encouraged!

Glory of God, For the

‪The Lord spoke to my heart today that the intercessors are in great need of encouragement. He said: Be Encouraged! Keep Praying. You have a Promise!

Despite what is going on in our world and our lives we must continue to speak hope because God is in control and His promises are Yes and Amen! We are experiencing increased battle because a great victory is about to occur. It is worth the fight in prayer. Keep blessing and do not curse, stay positive and keep declaring, don’t be silent! Take the “air-ways” and keep the communication with God flowing for we are about to breakthrough.

It is worth the struggles and challenges because we are contending for a very great prize! We are about to see the very presence of God descend upon our cities and regions as the Lord says NO to the Destroyer and pours out His salvation.

He gave Deut 33:26-29 as an encouragement to me personally this morning and I want to share it: “26 There is none like God, O Jeshurun [Israel], Who rides through the heavens to your help and in His majestic glory through the skies.27 The eternal God is your refuge and dwelling place, and underneath are the everlasting arms; He drove the enemy before you and thrust them out, saying, Destroy!28 And Israel dwells in safety, the fountain of Jacob alone in a land of grain and new wine; yes, His heavens drop dew.29 Happy are you, O Israel, and blessing is yours! Who is like you, a people saved by the Lord, the Shield of your help, the Sword that exalts you! Your enemies shall come fawning and cringing, and submit feigned obedience to you, and you shall march on their high places.”

Stay on the wall intercessors! The Lord has you covered!

submitted by Rev Cheryl Birch 8-6-15
may be shared in whole with submitted by and date intact