Crucial Word to the Church


This morning I am being lovingly prodded by Holy Spirit to tell everyone that reads this message in the USA to VOTE. If the church doesn’t rise up, the USA is in serious, and I mean very serious trouble. Now, I am a true “pollyanna” regarding the USA. I do not post “doom and gloom” messages of destruction. ┬áNearly always I receive hope filled messages about our future.But something has shifted in the last 24 hours and the 9-11 call out of heaven is HUGE!

Yes! We must vote and vote God’s plan for us. Pray, look at the candidate websites, research for yourself who is closer to God’s word. Don’t vote according to the hype of the world. No candidate is perfect. Our job is to DISCERN who is God’s chosen leader.

Father God is downloading to me how VITAL it is that we not allow a “Jezebel” spirit to take a high seat of authority in our nation. That spirit is out to destroy the sovereignty of the USA, to drive the prophetic voices of God into hiding, to remove all worship of Christ Jesus, to stop all evangelism, to strengthen the Ba’al system of government (government becoming provider and god), to make using the word of God and speaking truth illegal, to use manipulation and witchcraft to deceive the populous, to encourage increased sacrificing of the unborn on altars of selfishness, and to dismantle our form of government. We will become an impoverished nation entering a great drought spiritually and in the natural unless we fight!

Fight in prayer for truth to be revealed and Fight by voting for the one that will preserve our Freedoms. Holy Spirit said “The Trumpets are resounding over you USA! Arise ecclesia! Arise ecclesia! Arise ecclesia!” Yes, the body of Christ must arise. And part of that is exercising our right to vote. If we will choose wisely, we will enter the greatest period of revival in our nation ever! Indeed, if we will listen to God and not man, the blessings will overflow our borders and flood the world with His word.

Submitted with love, Rev. Cheryl Birch 10/8/16