New Beginnings


The Beginning

The Lord God in His infinite wisdom is ending some things right now. This is a world wide event affecting entire nations and also regions, cities, and individuals like you and me. Endings can be a bit disconcerting, confusing and sometimes down right scary.  This is especially so when it is all going on at one time.  It’s hard to remain at peace or understand our role when we are seemingly in constant crisis or crisis is constantly happening around us.

How vital it is right now that we, the body of Christ, get a handle on what is going on from heaven’s perspective! The last two postings I made were reminders that God is in charge, He loves us, He has chosen us and that He has had a grand wonderful plan from the very beginning.  Secondly, its important to constantly remember that we are still in a time of GRACE and new beginnings are available daily.  We not in a time of judgement and wrath, but we are in a time of intense battle and world-wide spiritual struggle for nations (for the souls of the world). It’s ugly out there, not because God is pouring out judgement and wrath, but because the demonic forces are trying to kill as many people as possible to prevent them from ever knowing Christ Jesus as Savior. It’s even uglier because so many people flowing in the evil of their own hearts and are coming into agreement with the demonic plan to wipe out all that God created in the beginning and said was good, especially humankind.

He is speaking to me prophetically … that we are in a dynamic COURSE CORRECTION. He said He would make our crooked paths straight and be a lamp to our feet. He is doing just that RIGHT NOW! The old road is ending and the new road is upon us.  In this course correction comes SHAKING and AWAKENING. Even more than that: REFORMATION.  God has a plan to end all that has caused us to be asleep to His ways.  He wants to REFORM our thoughts toward Him, our priorities must change to His priorities, our hearts need to be AWAKENED to His heart for our nation, state, city, and our lives. The worldliness of our lives must be SHAKEN and TRANSFORMED into His Kingdom lives.

Throughout this process, His heart is to give us insight into the beauty and blessing of what He is causing to happen around us to counter the enemy’s assault. And, He wishes to renew our HOPE and TRUST in HIM! Yes, I did say beauty and blessing. Despite the bad things happening, despite the intense demonic activity and the evil intent of men’s and women’s hearts, there is beauty and blessing afoot that the whole of creation has been groaning for. He is about to reveal His sons and daughters who have been in intense preparation for such a time as this.  They have preceded the greater church body in Shaking, Course Correction, Awakening, Reformation and Transformation. For the past several years their lives have been shaken to the core and they have learned the ONLY way to live is to be totally dependent upon God.  They do what they hear Him say and what they see Him do. They have made hard choices, they are have given up much, they are practicing and waiting on His timing. (Read the Green Room and Purging Revival)  And, that timing is SOON!

As Father God brings to an end the current model of doing church that reflects man’s interpretations of Christianity and turns His kids toward building His Kingdom here on earth so it reflects HIM and HIM alone, the  heavenly beauty of it will be stunning!!! The darkness will flee and the harvest of the earth will begin. It will be the Kingdom of God here on earth as it is in heaven.  I hear Him say to us all: Let Me shake you loose of all that binds you. Let Me teach you how to hear Me. Let Me help you to reflect Me. Yield to Me, draw near to Me and I will draw near to you. Do not be afraid. What is ahead is what you have been waiting for! Together we will take your nation and it will be a reflection of Me!

Truly a new beginning for the body of Christ is just ahead!






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