Beginning of Signs


This beginning of signs Jesus did in Cana of Galilee, and manifested His glory; and His disciples believed in Him. John 2:11

In a previous post the Lord spoke to my heart that He was ending some things right now, closing many doors, in preparation for a grand season of NEW.  (Read New Beginnings) This morning as I was asking the Lord what I needed to know in this season of endings and new beginnings, I felt directed to reread the first chapters of the Book of John.  As I read these favorite verses, suddenly they became as if I had never read them. The words became fresh and new, it fact alive.

In John Chapter 2 the story of Jesus turning water into wine simply overwhelmed me. It was like I was listening in on the conversation with Jesus and his Mother. I was visioning with the Lord.  In this type of vision I could see that the encounter was a tender exchange. Mary came to her son because she wanted to bless the bride and groom and the bride’s father, who was the host.  There was an intense sense that she completely trusted her son.  Also, that as His Mother, she knew him so well, and had observed Him and His capabilities for all His life, that she believed there was no one better suited than Jesus to bless the wedding and take care of the need.

His response was funny in the vision experience I was having. It was like He put his hands on his hips, cocked His head and with a grin said, “Gee Whiz Mom, I know you trust me to handle this, but I haven’t heard from my Father in Heaven on it.”  We know from scripture that He didn’t do anything unless He saw or heard it from His Father.  So, unless He did hear or see, it wasn’t going to happen. Mary knew that, because she knew Him so well. As I  continued to vision with the Lord, she smiles back at her son a knowing smile and then tells the servants to do whatever He says. After that she walks away. She appeared totally convinced He would do GOOD in this situation and would flow with blessing and provision.

On Jesus’ side, He could have done nothing at all. Or, sent the servants to a neighbor to see if they had any extra wine. Instead, He tells the servants to draw water. No doubt, He heard from His Father what to do! The blessing and provision did indeed flow.  He did GOOD.  In fact, verse 11 tells us it was the beginning sign, the first time Jesus’ glory was displayed. The result was His disciples believed in Him and Mary’s goal of blessing the wedding was accomplished.

Huge miracles happen in simple everyday situations in the word of God just as much as in crisis. Sometimes, I think we limit what God can do through us because we have circumstance  or situation expectations that block the simplicity of blessing others supernaturally. We don’t expect the supernatural intervention because we can go to the store and get what we need. Or, go to the doctor and get treatment.  On top of that, too often the relational trust and faith like Mary had is not present because we haven’t taken time to know the heart of God or person of Jesus. Action on our part can be slow or none existent because we haven’t developed spiritual hearing or sight; or we second guess what we do see and hear wondering if it really was God.

Nonetheless, the Lord is speaking to my heart that there are many beginnings of signs and manifestations of the glory of Jesus that are waiting on us. They are waiting for us to step into a God-attitude regarding their purpose. And, also a yieldedness must come so we know how, when, where and to whom the signs will be given.  The opportunities to flow with His loving power will come in the midst of doing life just as much as when there are crisis situations. Watch for signs when you are at a wedding, in the supermarket, walking down the street, on our way to work by bus, train, Lyft or Uber, at the dentist, or while visiting a friend or family member.  And, expect the the signs everywhere. They will come far more outside the church walls than inside!

This seems very urgent to me: We must immediately begin to refocus our thoughts about miracles to His thoughts and let go of preconceived notions as to what kind of places and when a sign or manifestation of God’s good blessings will occur. Holy Spirit can grab hold of our simple intent to be kind, to favor a family member (like Jesus favored His Mom) or to give joy to another human being. He can multiply our simple heart desire into a sign, a wonder, a miracle. 

And, one more word on the beginning of signs in our lives: When the signs happen, it is NOT, 99.9% of the time, to launch us into a television ministry, send us on the road to do revival meetings or to make us famous. Keep this in mind and heart at all times; the signs are not about you or me!  They are given so that people believe in HIM. 

May all of us grow up just a bit more, and find our place of humility bowing to His greatness and creativity, so that our God can begin to pour out the beginning of signs, I pray in Jesus’ mighty and wonderful Name!

With love and great JOY to you all,

Rev Cheryl



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