Beginning of a Light Yoke Era


Good news is pouring out of heaven to me today as it has for the past two days. As Yom Teruah just ended and we have begun the 10 days of Awe, ending with Yom Kippur,  Holy Spirit is leading all in the body of Christ, who will listen and yield to His promptings, into a new era. Yes, I said ERA.

This is the season of the year when our God makes changes. He ends things and begins things. Sometimes that is for the year, or the decade, or the century or all three. Today, I kept hearing from Him that a new era has begun where the body of Christ will steadily become the spotless wrinkle free bride for whom Jesus will return. She will be worry free, fear free, prejudice free, bitterness free, hate free… she will be FREE! No wrinkles of life will be left that cause her to stumble and fall. She will rise out the ashes of this life with none of the sorrows upon her. She will have finally developed eyes for Jesus only.  And, as she goes to Him He will present her with His “Light Yoke.”  This is the KEY to the new door He has opened wide. (Read Other Side of the Door). This is the KEY to the new era.

Matthew 11:28-29 Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.

Holy Spirit also showed me today … that we, the body of Christ, are by and large a heavy-laden group of folks in the earth! That is what I saw this morning. I saw a person trying to be and do all that the bible says they can be and do, but they were weighted down with a huge heavy burden.  They were trying to get through the glory-door, to the promises of the word of God, but every time they try the heavy burden is too big and they can’t make it.  They know that the door exists because they know the Word. Some know because they can prophetically see it or Holy Spirit has told them about it.

Jesus stands off to one side and He is right by the door. Holy Spirit is speaking loudly to those who will listen to go to Jesus before trying to get through the door.  Nonetheless, the person in the vision keeps doing the same thing over and over and over. They can see the Light, they know there is something wonderful ahead, so they keep trying, but the burden won’t fit through the opening.  Then I saw there were hundreds caught in this religious cycle.

Finally, totally exhausted, the people collapse at the feet of Jesus.  He smiles and touches them. Some keep getting back up after a brief rest, but their heavy load is still intact. They try again and again in every way in their own strength and perseverance to get through the glory-door only to collapse in exhaustion once again.  Each time Jesus touches them to encourage them to stay for awhile, but they get back up with their heavy load and go at it again in their own strength.

Others do the opposite. They stay at Jesus’ feet knowing their own efforts have gotten them nowhere.They remain there resting in Him, seeking Him, patiently waiting on Him and persevering in faith despite what others are doing or saying.  They remain, doing nothing until the heavy burden is removed and they hear Jesus’ voice sending them through the door. Some stay in that position for many years while others are there for a much shorter time. Some quickly turn over their burdens and embrace the newness of walking free. For other others it is a long process of letting go of one burden at a time, trusting, healing and moving on to the next bundle. I also saw a few stuck there. They give a burden and then take it back only to give it over and take it back again. This happens over and over while Jesus patiently and steadfastly waits for their final decision to let go of what is weighing them down.

In all cases, those that stay at the feet of Jesus resting in Him, giving Him all, and relying on Him alone receive a gift. They are each given a light yoke, shaped like a Chet (a Hebrew alphabet symbol with the numerical value of 8). The heavy yoke is removed and the light yoke of all things new is placed upon them by the loving hand of their Savior. (The number 8 has a Biblical meaning of new beginnings) With the light yoke in place these ones easily follow Holy Spirit and walk through the glory-door of freedom to the next phase of their adventures in Christ. Yes! The adventures are this side of heaven!

The gift of the Chet, which represents a new beginning, brings an ease to the soul of the one to whom Jesus gives. That in turn manifests here in the earth as an ease in their lives and ministries and an ease in all their doings. Despite challenges, problems, tribulations, and global disasters, these ones will walk with confidence in Jesus, listen to Holy Spirit and without worry or fretting fulfill a grand plan of the Father as they build His Kingdom soul by soul. With the light yoke (the Chet) comes new eyes, ears, and heart like that of their Savior. Once through the door they see, hear, and know regarding each situation what their Lord sees, hears and knows.  Tribulations, bad news, losses cannot stop them or sway them as they see the end as well as the beginning and can walk in peace through whatever comes their way.

5778/2018 is the first year of this era of the light yoke.  Holy Spirit spoke to my heart that a group of people are moving forward right now who have valued time at the feet of Jesus more than silver or gold; more than their own ambitions, more than life. This is a mighty army of disciples of Christ Jesus, who are about to become vibrant Demonstrators proving with their lives that He is ALIVE!

Sadly, during the vision I could see that many in the body of Christ refuse to enter Jesus’ rest or to learn from Him. They continue in their own strength and religious ways of doing things. This is keeping them from receiving the KEY, the Chet, the light yoke, that will allow them to pass through the glory-door. Even more sadly, I could see another huge camp of those who eagerly embrace their burdens and seemingly enjoy them. They ignore Holy Spirit’s efforts to draw them. They haven’t a clue as of yet that there is far more available to them in Christ. His riches and glory evade them as they look only at the troubles and problems around them.

Nonetheless, Holy Spirit encouraged me that the group about to step through the glory-door will inspire many in the body of Christ and large numbers of people will want to find out how to become a Demonstrator themselves.  They will ask how to obtain the KEY. The KEY is total dependence upon Jesus!  Many will believe. Many souls will come into the waiting arms of Christ Jesus because of the Demonstrators. He touched me with great HOPE and filled me with JOY at the prospect!  My prayer is that this message encourage you and inspire you filling you with the same hope and joy!

With love

Rev. Cheryl




2 thoughts on “Beginning of a Light Yoke Era

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