Today the Lord  spoke to me: Your perceptions must be My Perceptions.

For the past week Holy Spirit has been reminding me of revelation He gave me years ago about our Noema – that is the Greek word used in the Bible to describe how we perceive things. It is a complex combination of what are the facts and what we feel about those facts. Interestingly, how we feel about the facts can outweigh those facts. Sounds, smells or fragrances, good and bad memories, mindsets, habits, and imagination form an oleo that becomes our truth about a situation, our lives, or other people.  Once we believe something is true we begin to live our life according to it – whether it is really true or not.

Many in the body of Christ have or are about to step through a wide open door into a new season of walking with the Lord and being demonstrators of who He is. On the Other Side of the Door is increased glory on earth and the Beginning of Signs.  We will be freer than ever as we will have cleansed hearts and minds. We will have let go of heavy burdens at the feet of Jesus. We have learned how persevere, to remain humble, to rest in Him and we will have received His light yoke in exchange for our busy work, work, work religious attitudes. (Read Beginning of a Light Yoke Era)  The first days on the other side of the door flowing in glory will be so full of JOY!  There is always celebration when burdens are gone and we are released into a new season. The people of the world will be drawn to what they see in us. The harvest will increase as we share our joy in Jesus! We will be living Psalm 126.

As I visioned with the Lord, suddenly I saw… a change come into the scene I was seeing. In the middle of our celebration came a great division.  This divide can happen because not all in the church will understand what is happening to those that have stepped into the new season.  Many who have not yet experienced the time at Jesus’ feet and are not yet prepared will misunderstand what is happening to the Remnant. They won’t be able to comprehend right away that these Demonstrators have paid the price to be part of the new thing God is doing in the earth.

The opposition arising doesn’t mean we won’t continue in freedom. It doesn’t mean the outpouring of God’s love will stop. It doesn’t mean we won’t be reflections of Christ in the earth as we demonstrate His love. But, it does mean we will follow in the Lord’s footsteps and shake up the current structure and beliefs of the established church.  The result will be that many in the church will speak against this amazing move of God and will speak against anyone involved in His work. Just like Jesus, we will face challenging questions, accusations and persecution from within our camp.  This is why it is vital that our perceptions are being renewed until they become the same as the Lord’s perceptions.

Holy Spirit used a recent experience to bring this home to my heart and understanding. Recently, I needed to have dental work done.  A crown had cracked and it needed to be removed and replaced in order to preserve the tooth.  I was told the dentist would use his bur to remove the crown or “drill it off.”  So, I was prepared for the usual drilling sound when a dentist does work on a tooth for a cavity or to prepare a tooth for a crown. That was easy to endure. In fact, I remember thinking: this is a piece of cake.  Then he told me the next layer of the crown was metal mesh and that it would be a harsher sound. Nothing could have prepared me for that horrible sound! It was a grinding ratcheting loud noise that terrified me! The dentist said that I held my breath for so long that he had to stop for a moment so I would breathe. Then the sound came again! And he pulled out all the metal. Ugh! However, once that layer was off, the sound went back to normal drilling and finally the work was done.  All was quiet except for the usual background dentist office music.

After the procedure, I was a bit dizzy and disoriented. Not because it had hurt. I felt nothing. Not because I was drugged. I only had a normal shot to numb the nerve. The reaction was because of my perception of the sound! It had terrified me and my body reacted as if I were being attacked.

Holy Spirit spoke to me that the experience of the division in the church will be much like this dentist visit.  When the opposition comes at first it will be normal questioning and wondering, just a bit irritating like the drilling sound, but something we are totally prepared for.  Then suddenly we will be hit with words that are loud and ratcheting. The words will be angry, threatening and personal. They will be strong accusations designed to terrify us and to stop the breath of God from blowing through us to those that need Him.  Literally, during that time we must continue breathing! He is forewarning us in order to help us continue in Him despite the strong opposition that will arise out of our own camp.

Pray now that our perceptions line up with His no matter the circumstances or challenges that crop up. Pray that we hear His voice and do what He says to do no matter what. Pray also that we will all lean on Him and thereby be able to bring every thought (our noema) captive to the obedience of Christ ( 2 Corinthians 10:4-5 For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds, casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ…)  This is VITAL as during a season of opposition we can too easily be stopped by fear and uncertainty, if we we have not stepped into the Lord’s perceptions regarding each situation. Fear or terror is one of the enemy’s most successful weapons. However, we can battle it successfully, if we will follow the advice that Paul gave in this verse.

We cannot know, unless our God reveals it to us, how the enemy will come or how vicious the evil intent of a person’s heart can be toward us. But, we can be prepared to handle it like Jesus would handle it, if our perceptions are submitted to His!

The Good News is that the ratcheting noise of opposition and persecution that will suddenly spew out of the church will soon subside. The “drilling sound” of it may linger for a time and we may have a short-lived disoriented season, but as our God moves forward harvesting souls, we will experience His peace and the joy of being His Ambassadors will prevail.  Whether or not that means the persecution will cease, I cannot say. What I do know is that being His humble servants, His voice, hands, and feet in the earth will be sweet music to our souls and to all whom He is calling out of darkness into His marvelous light!  If there is continuous persecution, we simply won’t be stopped nor will we live in terror of it.

Yes, Lord, line up our perceptions with YOURS and use us for your glory we pray in Jesus’ amazing name!

With love to you all,

Rev. Cheryl


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