Can One Man can Save the USA?

Jesus USA


Precious body of Christ,

Today I was drawn by Holy Spirit to re-read a post I made back in 2012. He asked me to share His word to us again. With minor edits inspired by Him, it is more than ever for us today!   I share nothing on this blog unless Holy Spirit has inspired me and prompted me to do so. Therefore, I know this message is vital for us now and it is an encouraging reminder that our prophetic destiny as a nation lies in HIS HANDS ALONE and He WILL use US to bring about that destiny!

The word of the Lord to me for 2017 and beyond is this: It is vital we stop focusing on one man as if he could possibly stop the glorious outpouring our God has destined for our nation. Or, focusing on him because we believe that this elected leader is the “be all end all” savior and answer to our nations woes.

No matter what you think of the President, he is not higher than God or His Word. He was put in place by God, as are ALL leaders, to fulfill His sovereign plans.  None the less, it is not one man, though elected to the high office of President, that will affect the destiny and course of this nation. He is part of God’s overall plan, yes, but, it is the prayers, choices and actions of the Ecclesia, the body of Christ, the disciples of the Lord Jesus, who hold the destiny of the nation in their mouths and actions. God flows His plans through us. Thus, We, the Ecclesia, can either hold back or release the nation to prosper and flourish. What we pray, what we speak out, what we do is the key. God is watching and waiting for a people after His heart… A People that understand ONLY ONE MAN can SAVE the USA and that is our LORD JESUS CHRIST!

With that said here is the message from 2012 Holy Spirit is renewing for the day we are living in; with His updates included:

I am more encouraged, excited and full of joy in the Lord than ever. No matter what is going on in the nation or the world, we can be assured that Holy Spirit is taking us to a place where we can see it all from Father God’s perspective. Jesus is ushering us to the Father’s arms. He has a perfect plan, a hope and future for us that transcends politics and earthly leaders. His Kingdom is being built daily and the Ecclesia is arising! The sons and daughters of God in the body of Christ, the true legislators, the God appointed and anointed spiritual leaders of our nation, are about to enter their greatest hour.

I am full of joy in my Lord and King knowing that we are not being left out or left behind or put on a shelf in the USA. Instead we are being given opportunity to shine like never before. We, the body of Christ, are being trained and made ready for our role in God’s plans to express the love and justice of His Son and bring in the great great harvest of our nation and of the world! With our current situation I would say we are about to be catapulted into the midst of the most glorious outpouring of God’s presence ever seen in the earth. Where darkness abounds, where craziness seems to reign, His grace abounds that much more! In fact, His GRACE super uber over the top abounds that much MORE!

In the natural circumstances of this nation and the world, I would not be joyful… but, I am filled to overflowing with great joy anyway.  Can’t explain it except that the Lord Most High is so very delighted in His kids. He sees something in us that is worth redeeming and something in us that He can use. Therefore,  He has created and allowed circumstances to both reveal the hidden ugly things of our heart and to expose a beautiful diamond of the part that has become fully His.

This is what He is impressing on me for my prayers, my ministry and my life: “Draw upon that part of your heart that is fully Mine and speak out from that place.” I interpret this impression from Him to mean Bless and do not curse. Speak life and not death. Pray blessings of salvation, deliverance, God’s wisdom and understanding, God’s peace and love over our President, elected officials, leaders in all spheres of influence and over all folks for whom we pray. Let our God correct the course of the President and our leaders. Let our God deal with their hearts just like He is correcting us in our own course and dealing with our hearts.

Maybe, if we begin to sow the blessing of God’s word into our President, Legislature, elected officials and leaders instead of complaining about them, denigrating them and cursing them, we will reap the blessing of seeing Holy Spirit make wonderful changes! How will we ever know what our God will do as we consistently bless our leaders, if all we do is consistently complain, denigrate and curse them?

As for me, I decided way back with President Clinton (I learned about intercession during his tenure) to bless our Presidents and elected officials no matter what.  Holy Spirit gave me a dream about Mr. Clinton weeping in the White House.  He then taught me His ways regarding a man I did not agree with or admire. Holy Spirit taught me to honor the position in which Father God has placed them.

Of course, we can an often should disagree with things they do or say and take it to prayer! Of course, we can recognize injustices and take it to prayer! Then, as we receive direction and instruction from God, we can take action. He taught me to only take action or speak about it after taking it to the Father prayer. Additionally, we can speak scripture and make declaration of God’s word to counter the evils we see or perceive, but taught me to never use the Word of God as a weapon to destroy another human being for every person is made in the image of God. We can ask that these men and women know the heart of the Father, walk in the salvation found in Jesus, have God’s wisdom and understanding by the Holy Spirit, that they make Godly choices and live lives of honor and integrity. We can ask for them what we would ask for ourselves and our family in Jesus Name…speaking life over them instead of complaints.

As we do this the result is an outpouring of JOY knowing that no matter the news story, headline, tweet, blog or Facebook post we have just seen or read, our God has it all under control. Yes, the earth is His and the fullness thereof! He has a plan and when we step into His ways we get saturated with His JOY.  For me it ignited excitement and zeal for the things of God and an intensity of desire to flow in His plans and purposes more than ever.

Will you join me? Let’s start blessing our Presidents and leaders, honoring their position by bathing it in prayer, and ask Father God, in Jesus’ name, for the very heart of the USA to become HIS HEART!


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