Joyful Recompense

Jumping for Joy

Beloveds of the Lord,

Today I waited on the Lord nearly all day to hear from Him.  I knew there was something important that I wasn’t hearing. Late in the afternoon, when He began to speak, or more precisely, I began to hear, He directed me to a prophetic word I received in late December 2012 and posted in January of 2013.  At the time I called it: Renewed in Joy! Today HE called it Joyful Recompense. 

He also qualified the prophetic word so that I would know for whom He gave it.  Many prophetic words are released as if for the entire church which I did back in 2013. But, I have learned since that they are sometimes for a specific group. Sometimes, not all the church are able to receive what is promised. In this case, He tells me not all will sacrifice and do what it takes to step into their Highest Call in Him.  Not all in the church have the commitment to their walk with our Lord that will produce in them His prophetic promises.

Therefore, this message, this recompense, is for the Remnant and for all in the Body of Christ who will ask for it plus do what is needed to receive it. Age is not a factor nor how long a person has been born again. It is for those who have endured, are faithful to Him, take time to sit at His feet, to KNOW Him, and who apply His word to their lives, accepting the changes that He requires,  who desire transformation, listen to His voice and do what they hear Him say – these ones who intercede, care little about recognition, give HIM glory, reach out to the poor, obey His voice, share the Good News when He opens the door – they are about to… receive His Joyful Recompense.

Recompense is compensation or reward given for loss or harm suffered or effort made. Natural recompense of provision can be part of it, but this recompense cannot be bought with silver or gold. It’s value is immeasurable and it will change our lives forever!

Here is the message He renamed today and asked me to share with the Remnant and those who are answering His call to come Higher:

Received from the Lord 12-21-12

There is a deep grieving in My people, says the Lord. Grief and mourning. They suffer as the world suffers. They hear and read My promises but do not see the fullness of My Word come to pass in their lives. I am about to remove their grief and replace it with Joy Unspeakable and full of glory.

I will give them beauty for ashes and the oil of gladness for mourning. The recesses of their hearts, that are filled with sadness, are being flooded, irrigated, with My JOY! All who will, all who will, all who will receive and be renewed in My joy shall stand and be a pillar and light to which many will run as the wickedness around them becomes unbearable. Good men and women vexed of soul will run to My sons and My daughters who stand in Peace and Joy sharing My Righteousness.

Be My son! Be My daughter! Receive a fullness of Joy, so full you will be a river of life everywhere you go. No longer held by grief, mourning in sadness (with the world). You shall leap for JOY. You shall stand strong in your Joy in Me all the days of your life.

Respectfully submitted Rev Cheryl S Birch


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