The prophetic articles you will find on my blog are intended to edify, exhort, encourage, build up, inform, and at times warn (not judge), convict (not condemn), challenge, commission or activate the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Our prophetic voice is not intended to be judgmental or condemning. Please read what is posted knowing we love the church, its leaders and the body of Christ. We know we are still in the the time of great grace, mercy and intense love and the arms of Jesus are open wide. During these last hours of Grace the Greatest Harvest of all time has begun. Though the Tribulation times draw close, we do not believe we are in times of the pouring out of judgement and wrath, but we are experiencing heavy correction from our Loving Father in Heaven who has a hope and future for us that is glorious and astounding in its impact to bring in lost and hurting souls. He is pouring out an Abundance of Encouragement mixed with that Loving Correction to fuel Radical Fiery Love as well as Holiness. A banner of Reformation that will bring Reconciliation is flying over His body of believers right now that will result in unprecedented Unity and Activation of His sons and daughters into the market place of life.

These are exciting times! A Brand New Season of Transformation has come to the House of God!

Rev Cheryl Birch

For more information about Rev. Cheryl go to www.RevCherylBirch.wordpress.com or to our website at

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