Letgo Land



As I was praying a few days ago, I saw a funny thing appear as a flash vision. The Lord often grabs my attention with silly things that have a significant message attached. If you have kids or grand-kids or, if you are a young person, no doubt you are familiar with Legos toys. Maybe like me you have been to a Lego Land. (I was at the mini-Lego Land at Mall of America years ago). So, what I saw in the flash vision was the Lego Land arch and distinctive logo, only it said “Letgo Land.” I was standing in front the red, white, green, black, yellow, and blue arch. In the quick vision I turned and walked into Letgo Land. That was it.

Since that flash vision the Lord has been speaking to me about, guess what? Yup, letting go. The impacting part of His simple instruction to me is that in letting go there is power and freedom. Holy Spirit is leading us to this place of great peace, joy and freedom beyond what we have now. Surrender of this ilk to the Lord produces the most powerful intercession available on earth. So powerful our whole life becomes intercession, just like Jesus. In fact, His primary goal right now (no doubt from the beginning of our walk with Him) is to help us to learn how to surrender everything, absolutely everything, to Him.

As we enter into the Fall seasonal change there is always a spiritual seasonal change that coincides. The atmosphere changes as the Fall Feasts of the Lord take place. Holy Spirit first talked to me about this particular feast season way back in September of 2009. He told me at that time that we were about to enter a decade where the entire body of Christ would make a turn. The turn He showed me was profound. In it the body of Christ was facing the wrong way (it was a head with a body on backwards). The Head (Jesus) was looking at Father God. The body was facing the opposite direction reaching out toward the world. As I watched, the body slowly turned away from the world and selfish-land until it joined the Head in looking at our God and Him alone. He spoke to me way back then that in 2020 we would have 20/20 vision of who He is and who we are in Him. He said the years 2010 to 2020 were destined to be a decade of awakening and transformation.

Holy Spirit brought back His 2009 word to me during this time for two reasons. First, we are getting very close to 2020 and the Jewish New Year 5780 (a major new beginning year) was launched at sundown on October 1st. And, also on a personal note, because life has been increasingly difficult for me for about five years now. This past month was overwhelming, so I pressed in to find out why. He spoke to me that it’s not only me experiencing increasing challenges. We are making “the turn”, it is going to be dramatic, and that is why life has gotten so topsy turvy and “yo-yo” like for so many of us. This power packed “awakening turn” is fueled by the partnership of surrender to God and letting go of everything…really, everything. That is hard to do, even frightening, because it means laying down all aspects of ourselves and our lives at His feet. It means we stop looking at those things and look at Him, denying ourselves. And, that we pick up our cross and follow after Him (Matt 16:24-26). It means not loving our lives even to the death, because life itself belongs to Him. (Rev 12:11)

Good News in this process is that the more we let go the quicker we will make the turn toward Him and all He has for us. The more we hang on and the more we are rooted the world, the challenges we will experience until we finally let go.

He is using the difficult things happening right now to teach us trust. The pressure to trust Him is on so that we will let go and make the turn even afraid. This process of turning is going to birth a spectacular group of intercessors unlike any we have ever seen in our lifetime. I believe thousands and thousands of intercessors and leaders are being prepared for this and we are about to, not only sense the shift, but to be some of the first to make the turn, if we will let go. The result of this contrite and humble decision of our heart will enable us to stand in the gap between life and death for our families, friends, neighborhoods, our ministries, our cities, states and nations as we pray the will of God (Numbers 16:47-48). The intercession will be exceptionally productive because we see Him so clearly and hear Him so clearly that everything we pray is within His perfect will and according to His perfect word.

When we step into “Letgo Land” we will experience such tremendous gain in our Lord it is indescribable. As my Pastor recently shared during a conference call with his intercessors, our God daily loads us with His benefits and we possess Covenant Blessings!  These are supernatural promises that we have barely begun to walk in. The Lord wants us to have His BEST!  Thus, our job in Letgo Land is to unload all our junk and receive those heavenly holy awesome benefits and blessings instead of the misery and challenges. In that place the Lord Himself will build up our house with His multi-colored, multi-dimensional building blocks. Everything He builds in us will stand for eternity. In that place long awaited answers will pour out of heaven and newly inspired intercession will be responded to with immediacy because we are so accurately praying the heart of God.

My time concluded with the Lord in the words “Do not fear, trust Me.” (Isaiah 41:13) He is the Lord that takes hold of our right hand and says to us “I will help you.” Personally, I want to live in Letgo Land and step into that amazing place of His benefits and the resulting love drenched power for the sake of those that need Him. After all everything we go through is really not about us. It is about those whom the Lord places in our lives that need Him.  Haven’t quite figured out how to live fully in that place yet, but that is the wonder of a prophetic word or vision. If we receive it, believe it, and ask for it to be fulfilled, He will help us to become it and live it!

Blessing you all this Fall Feast season with ten-fold new beginnings. See you in Letgo Land!

with JOY in our Lord,

Copyrighted 2019 Cheryl S Birch

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Remembering 9-11

9-11 Memorial Remembrance

One of the most moving moments of my life was when I visited the 9-11 Memorial in NYC. The sense of sacrifice and honor of the fallen was overwhelming. Roses and flags were placed by various names carved in the marble. It was surrounded by construction equipment and they were building the new towers. From a huge crane on the far side hung a giant USA flag. I looked up at it and started to weep for our nation. The red and white stripes radiated and I heard in my heart “By His stripes ye were healed.” Thank you Lord for healing our nation. Thank you for brave First Responders and valiant citizens like those on Flight 93 and so many others that rose to the cause though suffering harm or great loss. Help us Lord to be brave and valiant rising to the cause in You every day. And to remember not only our fallen, but to remember from where our help comes from. Our help comes from the Lord maker of heaven and earth.


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Celebrate clip art

A couple of months ago I was asked to do the closing remarks and closing prayer at a rather unique prayer breakfast. This breakfast was an intercession filled supernaturally unified prayer breakfast with no key note speaker and simple adoration worship of our Lord. About 300 folks attended from many walks of life, ethnicity, and cultural background. It was exciting to see the diversity of the body of Christ so well represented in that room. This gathering every year goes beyond several churches in town. Joining in with Pastors and intercessors were our Mayor, City Council reps, Police Chief, Parole Officers, Sheriff, Highway Patrol officers, County officials, business leaders, educators and nonprofit leaders.  The tenor of the breakfast was worshipful and everyone was deeply engaged praying at their tables. No doubt that the Father was hearing our prayers as our city leaders from nearly every sphere possible humbled themselves before Him!

I had been praying for weeks before the breakfast asking Holy Spirit to reveal to me the Father’s heart regarding this gathering.  I longed to hear what He thought would be the best closing words and prayer that would glorify the Lord Jesus and express His message to all. About a week before the breakfast, I had still not heard anything from Him. No scripture, no special inspiration of any kind for this important 7th annual event in our city. So, I pressed in and asked again for His heart on the matter.  Well, the Lord speaks to me in really funny and even silly ways sometimes! This time when I prayed immediately the words to a song from 1980 by Kool and the Gang popped into my head and I started singing to myself “Celebrate good times, come on! It’s a celebration! Woo Hoo!”   (Unfamiliar with this golden oldie? You can Listen on YouTube) (Or read the Song Lyrics)

In the face of the seriousness of the issues in our world, nation, state, city, and all that the people around me are going through; and personally I was grieving the loss of my Dad (He had passed away just days before the breakfast); that is NOT at all what I expected to hear. But, it was what I needed to hear, it was what everyone at the breakfast needed to hear, and I am VERY convinced that it is what the body of Christ needs to hear right now; perhaps better needs to hear over and over until we believe it! The truth is despite what seems like insurmountable challenges on every level of life, we are in the midst of Good Times as the body of Christ. These are remarkable days just before the return of our Lord. We are the army of believers He has called and chosen for this day, time, and hour to be a demonstration of His love, power and goodness in the earth.  It’s important that we understand the intensity of our need for JOY in the midst of challenges and how much we need to Celebrate Him in the middle of our prayer battles.  The resulting flow of supernatural JOY out of His heart to ours is strengthening, inspiring, and healing. It is the very bedrock of our patient perseverance (James 1:2-4) (Romans 5:1-5)   Not only that it is infectious and touches everyone around us!

The truth is His burden is light!  (Matthew 11:28-30) We can be His joy-bearers. We can release His joy to others even when we ourselves are experiencing challenging times.  (Hebrew 12:1-2) He is excited when we agree in prayer. There’s a celebration in heaven every time we unify. He is excited over us as we pray in agreement for His plans and purposes. He responds when we rejoice in Him even when we haven’t seen the answers yet.  The song goes on to say “There’s party going on right here, a celebration to last throughout the years!” We have a lot to celebrate because our party has not only lasted on earth for years and years, it is an eternal celebration of our Lord! We get to Celebrate Him Forever!!!

When the call of intercession for our family,  our ministry,  work place, friends, city etc gets to feeling heavy, when life seems to weigh 5000 pounds all the time, when all we seem to ever hear is bad news, that is the time to look to heaven and declare our celebration of who He is!  It’s time for Psalm 150   Bible Gateway passage: Psalm 150 – The Passion Translation  Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! Praise God in his holy sanctuary! Praise him in his stronghold in the sky! (TPT)

What I am hearing today to counter the heaviness the enemy is trying to get us to grab on to is that it is time to join the celebration in heaven over His goodness and mercy, to celebrate all He has done, is doing and will do. To celebrate His love and His promises.  Disciple of Christ Jesus, He is ready to refuel us with His Joy to continue to pray powerfully, to continue to stand fast and firm upon His word no matter the circumstances we see or experience.  This is a daily benefit; for the Kingdom of God is righteousness, peace and JOY in the Holy Spirit. (Romans 14:17)

Celebrate good times, come on! He’s our celebration!!!  Woo Hoo!
With JOY in our Lord,

Copyrighted 2019 Cheryl S Birch
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worry - fretting

It seems that for intercessors and those who are faithful leaders and witnesses in the body of Christ that the difficulties of life just keep on happening without much of a break. Most are totally out of our control and too many are beyond disappointing, they are downright scary. There are victories too, but the challenges seem so heavy that they appear to far outweigh the good things God is doing in our lives.  Recently, when I was going through yet another round of challenging circumstances I heard this question: Do you believe in Me or do you Believe Me?  That stopped me in the middle of my fretting party! It really is two different things. To believe there is a God is common to humankind.  As followers and Disciples of Christ Jesus we are called to step beyond believing in God to believing everything about Him and believing everything He says as true.  There I was sitting in the place of the man whose daughter was ill as recorded in Mark chapter 9:24. He said “Lord, I believe; help my unbelief!” Jesus had said to him in verse 23, “If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes.”

Meditating on that for a bit, it became evident that the “fret-fest” about my personal challenges had taken over my thoughts and emotions causing my “belief-o-meter” to plummet. I certainly was NOT in the place of “all things are possible to him who believes” in regard to my life.  Fretting was where I was living and that had to change. Now please note that fretting is selective. If friends, fellow intercessors or my Pastor need prayer my faith is a mountain; no problem believing God for other folks! It’s the close to home stuff that is the challenge and the Lord is after that root of fear and unbelief in His chosen ones.

Fretting means to be devoured or consumed by anxiety and worry over problems perceived or real.  Some problems aren’t even a problem, we just think they are!  If left unattended, the worry and anxiousness begins to gnaw away at one’s mind and emotions resulting in an uneasy, distressed, anguished, complaining, grumbling, whining person.  Maybe none of you have lived in “fret-fest land,” but I suspect that the Lord put this on my heart to share because there are some of you living there right now and/or something is about to happen and this word will help you not go there!

In fact, I believe that many in the body of Christ are in a battle with fretting tendencies right now because Holy Spirit is bringing this rather hidden sin to the surface and making it glaring so we will deal with it.  We can’t go to the NEW THING He is doing with a bag full of frets.  He wants us free of that luggage and all of our fret-buttons healed so that He can use us in marvelous and exciting ways as intercessors and ministers of His Gospel of Truth.

Fretting has to go because it’s more than a minor worry. It is based in primal instincts of fear and self-preservation. Fear and self-preservation are natural and even good when there is immediate danger.  In fretting both turn to sin. One is doubt in God’s ability or willingness to help and the other is pride and trying to fix it ourselves.  To be victorious intercessors for ourselves and the powerful leaders and witnesses that are Ambassadors of Christ to our spheres of influence, this battle needs to be won by each of us. Fretting needs to be replaced with absolute 100 percent dependent upon God faith where our “belief-o-meter” explodes out the top.

But HOW, was my question to the Lord as He revealed this need of healing for my soul.  I heard in response: “Call unto Me and I will show you great and mighty things which you do not know,” Jeremiah 33:3 and “I am the author and finisher of your faith!” Hebrews 12:2.  The main thing was for me to admit that I was dealing with the revelation of a longtime hidden sin of fretting and repent for allowing that gnawing all-consuming worry to erode my ability to believe God.  I need to call upon Him to help me. So,  I thanked Him for revealing this thing, repented and received forgiveness. His forgiveness is amazing!  What seemed impossible to overcome became simple to me. If I ask Jesus for more faith, He will supply it. If I Believe HIM, I will receive because there is nothing too hard for Him.

So, take time with the Lord during this season of fretting revelation. Ask Him if some or maybe all of your challenges are being amplified because your soul is having a fret-fest.  Then get ready for a belief-o-meter explosion! He’s got mega-faith stored up for you so you can receive the mega-answers and breakthroughs He is ready to pour out of heaven!

May this season be one of most astounding reaping of all you have sown into the Kingdom of God!

With Joy


Authored by Rev Cheryl Birch
May be shared with author and date intact
Copyrighted 2019 Cheryl S. Birch
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When God Dismantles your Kingdom


Today I write because a great metamorphosis is taking place. A Call has gone out from our Father in Heaven to hundreds in the body of Christ and the call is: Give Me your kingdom.

As I was listening to God about this call, I saw a great tug o’war. A castle and all it’s surrounding lands were the “rope.” The hand of God held on to one end. He ever so gently tugged at the rope. The other end was held by His kids. Unaware Father God was doing the tugging, they interpreted the disruption as attack. They used every bit of their strength to hold onto the rope and protect their castle and its lands. Father God let that go on for awhile lovingly watching. Then He pulled a little harder. The castle and the lands shook under the pressure of His loving grip and He spoke to them softly: Let Go. On the other end, His kids shook too. They were alarmed at the perceived intensity of attack hitting their kingdom. They armored up and went to war. They called reinforcements. They cried out to God for help to defeat the enemy destroying their land and what they had built for Him. Father God smiled so lovingly and let them go on like that for awhile listening carefully to their cries. And, then with great mercy He pulled even harder.  This time louder, He said with loving firmness: Let go.  At His voice part of the buildings around the castle collapsed. Part of the land fell away. On the other end, His kids collapsed with fear, confusion and grief over the losses. They fell on their faces and finally said the words Father had been waiting for: We repent. Show us Your will, Your plan, Your ways. We humble ourselves before You. We give you all. Help us in our weakness. Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. With that, Father God took hold of the rope with power and the tug o’ war was over. The castle crashed to the ground. The castle was demolished.  But, the land was perfectly preserved, in fact better than before! He restored what had fallen away then He placed it back in their hands. It had turned ever so green and and lush. His love poured out to heal, strengthen and renew His kids. He swept away the castle ruins as His kids willingly gave Him each bit of the rubble. In exchange for the rubble, He gave them new dreams, new vision, new materials to build with, new plans, new ways and the land got more and more green. They flourished in His abundance and favor.

Our God requires a lot of those whom He loves. He requires absolutely everything!

Change and sacrifice is an ever constant process in the Kingdom of God that produces wonderful new things that glorify our King.  Or, perhaps more precisely,  it is the result of the advancement of the Kingdom of God in the earth. Wherever His breath blows, wherever He is working, there is change.    And, since the whole earth is His and the fullness thereof, that means our world is experiencing constant changes.

Who doesn’t get excited over the prospect of all things becoming NEW? The part we forget is that we have to let go of the old in order to receive the new. Sacrifice is always required if there is to be transformation.  If you are like me, I am very excited over prospect of all things becoming new in Christ Jesus.  I can pray and ask for that of God with enthusiasm and truly desire the change… that is until I am one of the souls in the middle of His mighty work of transformation.  My response and maybe yours too is WHOA, what’s going on here.  More than one time I dug in my heels, just like the vision He gave me, and fought for what is mine, not discerning the huge change was an answer to my prayers and a gift from my God.

Mercifully, He works soul by soul with slow, steady, deeply profound internal changes, perhaps over many years.  As we yield to those small steps, we become more like Him and step out doing His work.  We build our lives and ministries are launched.  Then the time comes for His new plans and seemingly overnight the ministries, the works, the thing we do for Him, what we thought was rock solid and even our highest call in Him,  He closes. The season is finished. The training is over.  Something new is on the way. When we don’t discern that He is requiring change and stubbornly hang on, suddenly those castles we have built  get shaken and eventually they collapse so that He can build up something better, something more reflective of Him. Something He has prepared for us and us for it. Yes, something that gives Him more glory and benefits humankind in ways we could never have imagined if He did not take this action. Continue reading

The Deadly Duo

The Deadly Duo? From a recent movie?

No, I’m not speaking of a Marvel Comic Book team of evil characters! This team is far more insidious than that and real, not make believe. The deadly duo that I see destroying lives, visions, dreams, ministries, and people themselves is FEAR and PRIDE. These two are experts at hiding behind facades while eloquently manipulating situations and people. Fear is spirit, a really evil one, and Pride is a condition of the heart that allows the evil to do its nasty stuff.

They work in concert to keep an individual in a prison of what is familiar and easy, creating a life that requires little change and no risk-taking. In order to maintain that kind of environment, everyone around the person under the influence of the Duo is expected to remain the same. When the boat of life gets rocked, as it always does, Continue reading



I was reading news stories today about Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade, two well-know, admired and financially well-to-do people, that became so very distraught they ended their lives by their own hand. My first thought was for their family and loved ones that God would comfort them. Then, I was overcome with the simple truth that money and success, though touted as the goal that will make a person happy and content, actually has nothing to do with happiness and contentment.  Pondering that with the Lord in prayer, I came away with renewed realization that what actually brings joy, a sense of well-being and peace or contentment to a person’s life is HOPE. Without hope we are lost in place of darkness slaved to depression and despair even in the midst the most opulent of life’s circumstances.

No doubt in the darkest moments of the trials of life, even the most generally hopeful of us have entertained the thought that death would bring relief from the suffering, stress, pain and challenges.  Why do some succumb to the darkness of those thoughts and end up miserable and bitter at best or kill themselves at worst while others are touched by a spark of saving hope and they endure Continue reading