Crucial Word to the Church


This morning I am being lovingly prodded by Holy Spirit to tell everyone that reads this message in the USA to VOTE. If the church doesn’t rise up, the USA is in serious, and I mean very serious trouble. Now, I am a true “pollyanna” regarding the USA. I do not post “doom and gloom” messages of destruction.  Nearly always I receive hope filled messages about our future.But something has shifted in the last 24 hours and the 9-11 call out of heaven is HUGE!

Yes! We must vote and vote God’s plan for us. Pray, look at the candidate websites, research for yourself who is closer to God’s word. Don’t vote according to the hype of the world. No candidate is perfect. Our job is to DISCERN who is God’s chosen leader.

Father God is downloading to me how VITAL it is that we not allow a “Jezebel” spirit to take a high seat of authority in our nation. That spirit is out to destroy the sovereignty of the USA, to drive the prophetic voices of God into hiding, to remove all worship of Christ Jesus, to stop all evangelism, to strengthen the Ba’al system of government (government becoming provider and god), to make using the word of God and speaking truth illegal, to use manipulation and witchcraft to deceive the populous, to encourage increased sacrificing of the unborn on altars of selfishness, and to dismantle our form of government. We will become an impoverished nation entering a great drought spiritually and in the natural unless we fight!

Fight in prayer for truth to be revealed and Fight by voting for the one that will preserve our Freedoms. Holy Spirit said “The Trumpets are resounding over you USA! Arise ecclesia! Arise ecclesia! Arise ecclesia!” Yes, the body of Christ must arise. And part of that is exercising our right to vote. If we will choose wisely, we will enter the greatest period of revival in our nation ever! Indeed, if we will listen to God and not man, the blessings will overflow our borders and flood the world with His word.

Submitted with love, Rev. Cheryl Birch 10/8/16




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Never Give up – Answers are on the Way!

RAIN (2)

Love how the Lord unexpectedly and suddenly begins to work out the answers to our prayers by moving on the hearts of His people. He is so creative and uses every one of His kids to bring about His plans and purposes in the earth. What does it take to see magnificent changes begin to occur in a life, a city, a nation? Loving and trusting Him with your whole heart and patient willingness to pray in faith without ceasing… even if it takes years for the answers to come.

Never, Never, Never give up! Believe His blessings are pouring out of heaven, because they are!!!

Intercessor Promise! Be Encouraged!

Glory of God, For the

‪The Lord spoke to my heart today that the intercessors are in great need of encouragement. He said: Be Encouraged! Keep Praying. You have a Promise!

Despite what is going on in our world and our lives we must continue to speak hope because God is in control and His promises are Yes and Amen! We are experiencing increased battle because a great victory is about to occur. It is worth the fight in prayer. Keep blessing and do not curse, stay positive and keep declaring, don’t be silent! Take the “air-ways” and keep the communication with God flowing for we are about to breakthrough.

It is worth the struggles and challenges because we are contending for a very great prize! We are about to see the very presence of God descend upon our cities and regions as the Lord says NO to the Destroyer and pours out His salvation.

He gave Deut 33:26-29 as an encouragement to me personally this morning and I want to share it: “26 There is none like God, O Jeshurun [Israel], Who rides through the heavens to your help and in His majestic glory through the skies.27 The eternal God is your refuge and dwelling place, and underneath are the everlasting arms; He drove the enemy before you and thrust them out, saying, Destroy!28 And Israel dwells in safety, the fountain of Jacob alone in a land of grain and new wine; yes, His heavens drop dew.29 Happy are you, O Israel, and blessing is yours! Who is like you, a people saved by the Lord, the Shield of your help, the Sword that exalts you! Your enemies shall come fawning and cringing, and submit feigned obedience to you, and you shall march on their high places.”

Stay on the wall intercessors! The Lord has you covered!

submitted by Rev Cheryl Birch 8-6-15
may be shared in whole with submitted by and date intact

Pioneer Road


During prayer and soaking in the presence of God, I began to see an image of a desert wilderness that slowly gave way to greenery. Way up ahead were hills and beyond the hills was more green and a river. As I waited, the image unfolded and I saw what to me appeared to be Jesus dressed in blue robes walking side by side with a woman dressed in pure white. His arm was around the woman and her arm around Him. Her head rested on his shoulder. They were walking away from me so I only saw the back of them, not their faces. They glowed and emanated light. They walked upon a road in the middle of the desert wilderness. The road was fully formed behind them, but as I watched them walk, it was in the process of being created ahead of them. Jesus and the woman talked and laughed and kept walking stride for stride. At each step the woman took, more road was created in front of them. It wasn’t Jesus’ feet creating the road. He was creating it as the woman’s feet touched the sandy wilderness.

As they walked forward, tiny plants began to appear dotting the wilderness. They were very green. Out ahead of them it got greener and greener. They kept walking together into the lush green. At every step, more road continued to appear.

At first, I thought this scene was only for me. I have been walking step by step with the guidance of the Lord into new places and at times it seems like there is no way to move forward and other times it feels like I am going “where no one has gone before” just like Captain Kirk in the old Star Trek movies.

As I prayed about this, I realized that I was seeing myself yes, but there was another layer to the vision. It was the Bride of Christ walking arm in arm with Jesus. She was leaning on Him coming up out of the wilderness (Song of Songs 8:5), talking to Him, full of joy, and stepping out in faith where there is no road. (Hebrews 11:1) It is the footsteps of the Bride of Christ walking with her Savior that is building up the Holy Highway that leads into refreshing abundance and leads to the river of life. She is pioneering in realms where there is no one to go to for advice except God. As she listens to Him, the way is paved before her in the desert, the green places as well as the hills and the valleys. But, it is not there until she takes a step forward – a step of faith – that the road will be there.

We have choices to make walking with Jesus. We could look ahead and see there is no road and refuse to move forward. He doesn’t force us. He waits until we are ready to take the step. The woman in the vision was talking and enjoying her exchanges with Jesus. We can choose to have conversation with God, or close Him off and do it our way – the woman trusted Jesus and listened to what He had to say. It was the intimate conversation with her Lord that gave her the confidence to step out and go where no one has gone before. Everyone of us can walk in this Pioneer Spirit. The opportunity is available to all who are called …but, know this: few are chosen. (Matt 20:16) Walking the pioneer road is a walk of total trust and unwavering faith.

The word to me, to us all, today from this vision is simply this: to trust the Lord with all of our heart and lean not on our understandings, in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct our path. (Proverbs 3:4-6)

I am excited to find out where the Pioneer Road is headed! How about you?

submitted by Rev Cheryl Birch
may be shared in whole with submitted by and date intact

The Wave

surfer-huge wave

Something washed over me while I was in prayer. I was in simple dialog with the Lord about life’s issues and things that have gone crazy in the world. Then I saw it… a huge wave. It was far out to sea. The beach was void of water for a long way and much of it was very dry and sun baked. The walk to the water was a long one… but, I had my surf board and I was making the trek… I knew when I got to the water I was gonna ride that wave.

There is a decided call to prayer being declared in the heavenlies over the USA and strategic places in the world like Egypt, Syria and North Korea. We have always had a call to prayer as the body of Christ. Think about it, He, Jesus, is the Head, and we are His body. He is at the right hand of the Father ever making intercession for us. That means His body is suppose to be constantly making intercession too. Throughout history there has been ebbs and flows in response to that call. What I am sensing is a TIDAL WAVE flow of prayer. I am seeing in the Spirit that the body of Christ will begin to pray to its pinky toes as they hear God and heed the call to intercession. The wave is mounting and I want to be at the churning crest of that wave – It is a wave of selfless heart felt prayer and it is about to crash ashore in a great awakening and revival.

Sssshhh… quiet your mind and be still for a moment…Listen!

You will hear the sound of the Shofars (trumpets), you will hear a voice like the roar of many waters, calling us to our prayer closets, calling us to prayer gatherings, calling us to new heights of prayerful symphony with the Holy Spirit and His Holy Angels – winning righteous judgments in the courts of Heaven. Grab your surf board and begin the walk to the water, then start pray paddling out to the deep waters – this wave isn’t a snapper (little wave) or even a beach break, it’s an off the hook HEAVY WAVE, a BOMB, as big as they get! And it has a long swell – it’s going to be quite the ride!

Submitted by Rev Cheryl Birch
September 1, 2013
Tidal Wave vision first received in 1999, repeated in dream in 2001 and 2010, repeated in vision in 2013

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