Prophetic Archive 2006

For the American Church…
Given 11-11-06 Rev. Cheryl Birch

It is not time for sitting and folding of the hands it is time to get up and war. Arise church, Arise! Awake O Sleepers from a sleep of spiritual death and certain defeat. Arise out of your sins of complacency and apathy. Your eyes are blinded and you need to come to Me for eye salve. Your ears are muffled and hear not what the Spirit is saying to you. Your garments are but filthy rags and you need to come to me for pure white linen. For I wish to make you beautiful spotless with clear sight and acute hearing… Come to Me in contriteness and humbleness. Come to Me and be cleansed of your sins and be refreshed and made ready for war.

Who qualifies to war for Me? Who is it that I am is calling? It’s YOU, my sheepfold, it’s YOU my darling ones, my beloveds! It is time to arise and attack the enemy of our your soul, the one who has come to kill steal and destroy you. It is time to arise and hit the enemy in prayer using My word proclaiming My promises declaring what is yours. It is time to hit the enemy and hit him again and again. If you get knocked down, you shall not be crushed. No my contrite and humble ones shall be as roaring lions, fierce and tenacious in the battle. They shall be my battle axe and my weapons of war. They shall not be destroyed! No, you shall not be destroyed, if you will attack with MY WORD you shall not be crushed… you shall get up and dust yourself off and hit the enemy again and again until he is defeated and all that you have lost is returned to you. Do not shrink back from this battle. The more you shrink back, the more you will lose. FIGHT and be the VICTOR! Awake, Arise and Fight with the Sword of my WORD!

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