Prophetic Archive 2007

Is You Is or Is You Ain’t God’s Child?

While I was praying the Lord showed me three things:

First I saw a banner flying over us that reads Evangelism

Then He gave me a song and the word Commitment

Lastly He spoke the word Catapult

His goal for the church is to have them set aside all fear and acknowledge that their main purpose is to win souls for Christ and make disciples. Jesus clearly told us what to do in Matthew 28:18-19
And Jesus came and spoke to them, saying, “All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Amen.

In Mark 16:15-18 And He said to them, “ Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. He who believes and is baptized will be saved; but he who does not believe will be condemned. And these signs will follow those who believe: In My name they will cast out demons; they will speak with new tongues; they will take up serpents; and if they drink anything deadly, it will by no means hurt them; they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover.”

The body of Christ in the US has been doing a great job at everything BUT going out to evangelize.
This lack of obedience has gone on far too long. A Harvest MUST be brought in and the body MUST GO!

The reason folks have not been doing their harvest job is they don’t want to. Simple as that. It takes commitment which means they have to give of themselves and their time and they just don’t want to… they have other priorities. They would rather give money or let someone else do it. That is not God’s plan for us.

As I was contemplating this situation and wondering if I could make a full commitment to whole-hearted evangelism The Lord asked me “Is you is or is you ain’t MY baby?” That meant something to me because my Mom use to sing that song to me when I was little. It was written in 1944 by Billy Austin and sung by Louis Jordan. Mom would sing that old song “Is you is or is you ain’t my baby?” And tickle me – and I would laugh and laugh.

When the Lord said that to me I remembered Mom and smiled, but then I began to cry… He was asking me to contemplate my commitment to Him. More than that I saw Him as a loving father ready to give great joy to His children but He sees that His children aren’t sure if they “is or ain’t” fully committed to Him.

This song absolutely would not leave my head and the only part I knew was the chorus. So, I looked it up on the Internet. And, as I read it certain phrases jumped out at me. The Lord changed the words just slightly – I want to share them with you.

Prophetic Song – September 14, 2007
sung to “Is you is or is you ain’t my Baby?”

I got children that’s always late
Every time we have a date
But I love them, Yes I love them

I’m gonna walk right up to their gate
And see if I can get it straight
Cause I want them… I’m gonna ask them
Is you is or is you ain’t my baby?
Is you is or is you ain’t my child?

The way you’re actin’ lately makes me doubt
Yous is still my baby- still my child.
Seems MY flame in your heart’s done gone out

My children are creatures that often act strange
Just when you’re sure of one
You find they’s gone and made a change

Is you is or is you ain’t my baby?
Is you is or is you ain’t my child?

Maybe baby’s found somebody new
Or, is my baby still my baby true?

Is you is or is you ain’t my baby?
Is you is or is you ain’t My child?

He is asking for more commitment from us to further His purposes. If “yous His baby” – then Evangelism needs to become a lifestyle for you. Not contrived or forced witnessing, but a natural flow out of your belly to other people.

Do you want more peace?
Do you want more love for others?
Do you want more joy?
Do you want fire and zeal?
Do you want to flow in the gifts of the Spirit?
Do you want healing?

There’s one answer for all of your wants: Share your testimony and witness for Christ

We read the word, we pray, we have glorious worship, we read books about God and listen to myriads of CDs… all in hopes of triggering something that will bring the power, the gifts, the miracles signs and wonders of God. According to the Gospels and the book of Acts just to start, the power, signs, wonders and miracles came in order to win lost souls. When people were healed or they saw or heard amazing things, they believed and were saved. The multitudes healed, awesome flames of fire and sound on Pentecost, the man at the gate Beautiful, the sorcerer who was struck blind, the girl raised from the dead and a whole region was saved.

So, to have the power of God flow through us, we have to step out into a very scary place. For some of us it’s a strange place and feels even dangerous at times and we want to run back to the safety of just going to church as normal. But we weren’t created for that. We are blessed people who are suppose to be a blessing to others and not just other Christians! The only way you will have more peace, joy, love and flow in the gifts and see miracles signs and wonders is if you pick up the banner of Evangelism and say yes Lord.

You won’t flow in what you don’t need. If you aren’t witnessing for Christ, you don’t need much.

It is time to say:
I is your baby. I is your child!
Show me who to share with Lord… open doors to me. Give me souls to win! I will go!

And, lastly there’s the word catapult …
Those of us who say yes this year will be catapulted into the supernatural realms of God. Catapult means to: hurl, shoot, throw, project, propel, toss, fling, hurtle. God will pick you up in his hands and hurl you into the supernatural. He will grab you out of his quiver of arrows and shoot you into the bulls eye of His supernatural works.

I don’t know about you, but I am really bored with this powerless life we lead here in the USA. This is a religious vipers nest and we need fire to keep from being bitten and poisoned by these things… just like Paul was bitten by a viper and did not die because he shook it off. We MUST shake off the religious vipers in our life and move by the Holy Spirit.

We need not just fire but FIRE from heaven pouring through us – we need passion and zeal that consumes us and spills over to others. You can get a shot of fire by attending a good meeting.
But the only way to maintain fire and zeal is to go out into the streets and witness for Christ!

I am going out there door to door if necessary and I am going to see what God will do. What can man do to me anyway if God is on my side? If you want to go along let me know.

So, you are scared spitless by Evangelism and Commitment and you’re not sure you want to be catapulted into the harvest? Praise God that everyday is a day to start over in Him – we are in a time of supernatural new beginnings that can change you from whimp to roaring lion through simple heartfelt repentance. Our God gives us grace to start all over and become His Harvest Hands.

Let’s enter His Fullness! To do so, we must be willing to start over and become completely new so that He can direct us. If we wish to enter the Fullness that He has for us in our lives and ministry we have to get rid of all the old stuff. Look at your relationship with God and look at your life. Are you winning souls and making disciples? No? Well, maybe it’s because you aren’t fulfilling your call…Satan wars against the call on your life…he works hard to keep you off track, fearful and lazy.

No matter when you read this it is the time to ask the Lord to forgive you and to redirect your life.

I want fiery zeal and passion in my life for God to win souls and make disciples. I want to see the awesome things our God can do if we will simply commit to His plans. How about you?

copyrighted 2007, 2012 Cheryl S Birch All Rights Reserved

Prophetic Poem
March 2007 Rev Cheryl
Soul by Soul
Soul by Soul
we’re takin’ territory
Soul by Soul

Soul by Soul
Soul by Soul
we’re building the Kingdom of God

We have a mandate from God to
possess the land. We’re marching
forth in Faith,
preachin’ the Truth.
With a sword in our hand
We’re takin’ territory
Soul by Soul

Gaping Hole in Prayer
November 22, 2007
Given in Stockton CA

As in the time of Judges, your nation is being tested. Will the saints repent and then rise up against the BAALS and drive out Amalek? Or, will they continue to be self-serving, bowing to the gods of this world?

If they will repent for replacing Me with entertainment and repent for teaching My children false doctrines of self-identity and materialism, and if they will repent of forsaking the power of the cross and for refusing to allow My Spirit to move amongst them — then I will QUICKLY MOVE ON BEHALF OF YOUR NATION!

Leaders must repent and lead those in their charge into repentance. And I will move amongst the people in great power restoring all that has been lost – even that which seems eaten up – I will restore in a day. I long to restore what has been lost. I long to move in power touching My Children with love, mercy and grace.

Make no mistake, disaster looms near only for lack of a mighty army of my warriors to hold it back. I desire NOT to see these things that My prophets foretell come to pass. Yet, the stubborn, stiff-necked, sinful choices of the unrepentant saints hold back My hand of healing and restoration of your nation. THERE IS A GAPING HOLE IN THE PRAYER COVERING FOR YOUR LAND. It is growing in size. You ask in prayer, but you ask amiss. As more and more selfish, self -serving, unproductive homilies reach My ears, the greater the hole over your nation. These things should not be so. Where are my warriors who fight the enemy with words of righteousness in power? Where are the cries of My people for mercy and grace and healing? Why do you not cry out for the Kingdom of God to be established instead of your fifedoms?

I yearn for a cry from My people… a heart-wrenching wail that I cannot ignore. Cry out to Me for My will to be done in your land and My Hand of Blessing will pour out to you more than you can contain.

Do not cast this sin on others My Children… it is not the unredeemed pagans or heathens or the sexual perversions of these ones or satanists or the false religious ones that bring judgement on your nation. It is your prideful, selfish ways and lack of zeal for these who are lost that are causing a sour taste in My mouth and cause My ears to grow tired. Repent My dear ones and turn to Me quickly lest I spew you out of my mouth … Repent and be Blessed. Repent and watch me heal your land.

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