Prophetic Archive 2008

The Door of Hope

May 2, 2008
Submitted by Cheryl Birch

There are many things stirring in my heart and the Lord has awakened me this week speaking of the mighty work He is doing to prepare our nation for the Great Harvest. There is such overwhelming love intensifying in the atmosphere. There is a gathering of angels to assist. The eyes of the Father are upon us and He has begun a divine and sovereign work that will ensure every person has the fullness of understanding the gift of salvation. Everyone old and young are going to know salvation is available to them. He is extending His hand to us as a nation and He is wooing us back to Him just like Hosea Chapter 2:14-23.

We are in the Valley of Achor (Troubles) but it is about to become a door of Hope for our Nation. Though we see trouble brewing all around us we are to remember the Lord is in the midst of us and He will bring us out of the wilderness through the Door of Hope.

Passover was a point of entry into new freedom, new provisions, new revelation, as the blood of Messiah Jesus avails over the chains and twisted lies of the enemy. Minds are clearing, hearts are softening, the old is dying and the new is being birthed. Expect the impossible, for a torrential floodgate of His love, power and favor has been opened to help us, His harvest hands, to minister in the marketplace. Be watchful with wide open eyes and listen for His voice. Wherever you go expect opportunity to speak of His goodness, His love, His righteous judgements.

Be unafraid. Do not be intimidated. Trust and be bold. Lives are at stake and you are His voice and hands here in the earth. Shake off the mentality of spiritual failure and lack. Now is your time to arise and shine. You will be used of the Lord for He calls you “MINE.”

Commissioned and Sent Forth
March 22, 2008
Respectfully Submitted
Rev. Cheryl Birch

I hear from the Lord these words:

It’s time to be released, commissioned and sent forth! Released from the influence of the strongholds in our lives and territories. Commissioned for God’s Kingdom work and sent forth to do that work.

It is time to seek God with our whole hearts. This is the hour to get out from under the oppression of and bondage to our society and culture and become the Gideons and Deborah’s to our nations.

Our culture’s way of thinking about church doesn’t mean it’s the way God thinks about church. Remember YOU are the church. Buildings are not His church, His people are. Ready yourself to be a house of worship. Ready yourself to do His Kingdom work.

God is calling forth radical folks who will be directed by Him. They are going to revolutionize the way of thinking and feeling about worshipping Him.

This Poem Followed:
Open your hearts.
Let your mind be renewed.
I will quench all the darts
You will no longer be pursued.
Lift up your hands
Dance to the beat
You must take your stand
I’ve placed fire in your feet
Sing with all your mind
Praise with all your strength
It’s Me you will find
Don’t be stopped by length
Time doesn’t matter
Just give me your all
Ignore all the clatter
Listen for MY call
And glory you will see
My presence is near
My love is free
Let me take you there
I will give you My all
Everything that you need
As in My arms you fall
Take a chance on Me
I will never fail
Try me and see
Let my breath fill your sail.

Don’t Give Up
Don’t Give In
Press In, Says the Lord!

May 16, 2008
Submitted by Cheryl Birch

Don’t give up. Don’t give in. PRESS IN, says the Lord, Press In!
I am on my way.
I ride on clouds and wings.

I am coming so soon.
Don’t give up. Don’t give in. Press In, says the Lord, Press in!

I’m coming to dance with you.
There is joy. There is peace. There is My love.

Don’t give up. Don’t give in. Press In to ME, Press In to ME, says the Lord, Press in!

Though crushed on every side, Press in to Me
Though weary and weak, Press in to Me
Though burdened with sickness and disease, Press in to Me

Don’t give up. Don’t give in. Press In to ME, Press In to ME, says the Lord, Press in!
I heard the Lord sing this as a song to us.

A Call to the Intercessors
Submitted by Rev Cheryl Birch

The Lord quickened to me a prophetic release from 2004 today. (It is at the end of this page for your reference) Suddenly it became clear that NOW is the time to read, heed and do what it says. Further the Lord spoke to me today and said:

Gather! Gather Intercessors!Come from the north, south, east and west! Gather together! ARISE, FIGHT my beloveds, my fair ones for the Victory is yours!!

The enemy for a time gathered his forces against you My Intercessors, my beloveds, and for a time he pursued you… But, now, I have arisen in your midst and scattered him from before you. ATTACK!!! Yes, pursue! Chase him and his hordes down for I have given you the backs of your enemies. Yes! ATTACK! ATTACK NOW!

It is time to Gather and Pursue for I have given you the victory. CONTEND for what is YOURS! CONTEND for souls! CONTEND and WIN! My beloveds, my fair ones, shake off the dust of defeat and arise as my battle axe and my shield of war. Victory for the sake of the harvest is yours.

Radical Change is Upon Us
respectfully submitted
Rev Cheryl Birch

Change is upon us.
Life as we have known – it is changing right now.
Each day expect more change.
The change is transforming us.
In every way we are becoming more like Jesus.
The change is so great that nothing will remain the same.
Get use to change for again He says nothing will remain the same.

The RAIN has come.
The floodgates of heaven have opened.
It is raining love and righteous right now.
Each day the rain is falling harder.
It’s about to become a torrential driving rain.
It will wash away everything that does not please God.
It’s coming in such force that everything
in its path will be cleansed.
Dance in the rain for it is a sign of His love for you.

The WIND has come.
The wind of freedom is blowing right now.
Each day the wind is blowing harder.
It’s about to become hurricane force.
It will blow away everything that binds us
and keeps us from God.
It’s coming in such power that everything
in its path must move.
Lift your sails in praise and worship
and let Him take you wherever His wind blows.

Change, rain, and wind will be our portion for months to come.
And then will come the flood, a tidal wave in the spirit realm that
will flood this valley and our nation with His presence.

copyright 2008 Rev Cheryl Birch

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