Prophetic Archive 2010

Cry Out for Revival
Released by Rev. Cheryl Birch 3-4-10

This I know: Something Big in God is stirring over California and the USA. I can’t tell you how it will look when it gets from the spirit realms to the natural, but I know there is something going on. We have to cry out for Revival and our lives must be devoted to just that…

I saw a banner over us that said these words:“Cry Out for Revival.” It was made of a stiff strong fabric that stayed straight – it did not move in the wind. It was solid sure and firm. We have to ask for and prepare for Revival. Things are changing in the spirit and we must be transformed to enter into the newness of what our God is doing.

The Holy Spirit uses funny things to grab our attention. After the Banner, I saw the California Dairy Industries’ REAL CHEESE logo. I heard in my heart “What you need is the real cheese.” Then I saw a beautiful hunk of real cheese and a bag of processed powdered cheese. I knew immediately what that meant. We need His real presence no matter the cost. We need the real Him. We need His real touch. His real love.

Real Cheese when warmed is soft and supple and melts – it covers everything. It’s got substance. It tastes good. It has nutrition. Powdered processed cheese is man made worthless dust. It’s not good for you – no real substance – no real nutrition. It is a poor substitute for the real thing.

Listen, I want the Real Cheese. That which comes directly from the throne of grace! I want a real encounter with our Holy loving God… Not a worked up man made copy.

So our God is stirring the spiritual pot…the aroma of His wonderful cooking is putting a hunger in us for the real thing. This I also know: When God starts stirring the pot, when transformation begins, the enemy takes note and is on the attack. We must be mighty close to the release of this sovereign move of God because the enemy is trying so hard to put out our fire. We can’t let that happen. We must fight. Fight on our knees, fight with our worship, fight with our lives

We have to know what to do to throw off the wet blanket that the enemy throws on anyone who exhibits the slightest bit of revival. The blanket comes in the form of constant distractions, discouragement, disillusionment, disappointment, depression. That results in complacency, loss of energy, loss of focus, loss of vision. Eventually you can feel like hunkering down, doing nothing and just hanging on for His return

But the Lord says this: He says Gideons! Get Up and Go in the strength I have given you!
Awake Awake O sleepers! Arise and shine for your light has come and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you.

He says{ I am the lamp to your feet and I have made the crooked places straight for you.

He says:
I am your strength.
I am your joy.
I am your peace.
I am your shelter.
I am your shield.
I am your sword.
I am your protector.
I am your provider.
I am the lover of your soul.
The other thing He spoke to me is “I am your soon Coming King.”

Repent, therefore, be cleansed and made whole! Cry Out Cry Out for Revival. Cry out in your desperate need. Cry Out Cry out for Revival. My Glory you shall see!

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Copyright 2010 Cheryl S Birch All Rights Reserved

Released in 2005 and updated 2010 & 2011
Rev. Cheryl Birch

Truly this is and will continue be a time of increasing contrast.

The Lord is speaking to me that we have moved to a time when His heavy hand of correction will be upon His church like never before and His love and justice will pour out upon this earth in floods. It is also a time that amazing outpouring of blessing and power will be given to and flow through those who will allow Him to search their hearts, repent of the sin that is found, and yield to His perfect will. He will dramatically change the lives of those who are in a constant state of repentant humbleness before Him.

The miracles, signs and wonders will increase following these obedient children…The Book of Acts is as nothing compared to what His humble end-times servants are about to do as His pure love flows in power through them. The revival we are waiting for will not be within the church walls. It will be out in the market place, where the saints live and work. Certain churches will experience dynamic moves of God, because they understand market place ministry and they willingly yield to the wind of the Spirit of God, even if their denomination does not approve. Those individuals and churches who understand God’s Heart and have been cleansed of their selfish self-serving ways of performance and have broken free of religious bondage will shine with His Glory as they burn in fervent zeal for Him!

Those individuals and churches that will not repent, and will not yield to His plans, will not be used in power. Righteous Loving Correction of God will pour out upon them. Some will receive His loving corrective hand; some will not. Therefore there will be restructuring of lives and it is possibe, if there is no repentance, that whole denominations will be dismantled in a day as the love of God pours forth to save His people. This intensity of change is for the sake of the sheepfold who are being led away from Freedom in the Spirit into Religious Law-based Bondage.


The PRESSURE is the VERY HAND OF GOD as His Spirit works diligently to turn us into the image of Christ here on earth. Binding Satan will not stop the pressure, only repentance and yielding to God’s Plan will bring relief. It is critical that we PRAY FOR OUR LEADERS at this time. Pray that they say, “Not my will, but Thine my Lord. Let Your Kingdom come, let your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.”

If we will be changed, we can activate these words with our faith.
It is not too late… We can see the miracles, signs and wonders…

if we will respond, we will see the revival in the United States we have been waiting for.
Lord, let the cleansing Fire Fall!

Copyright 2005, 2010, 2011 Cheryl S Birch All Rights Reserved

There is a clarion call in the spirit realms for intercessors to gather!
12-1-2010 Rev. Cheryl Birch

There is call for the weeping and wailing (travailing) women and for all those men and women who will
weep between the porch and altar on behalf of their cities and nation. The intercessors have been hidden and often unrecognized and sometime rejected in their sacrificial role of birthing the plans and purposes of God. The good news is there is a Holy Spirit lit spotlight coming back upon the great need for deep, moving, profound intercession humbly beseeching our Father to have mercy on the lost and to pour out His grace upon His people.

Secondly, this is a time of declaration. In crying out before His throne of grace we will be quickened with those scriptures He wishes to be declared over our city, government, families, military, schools, arts, entertainment and more…

A boldness is coming upon the body of Christ to proclaim the word of God in the marketplace.

Now is the time to gather – now is the time to travail – NOW is the time to gather!

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