Prophetic Archive 2011

Suddenlies and Surprises
Released August 2011

From 8-3-11

Suddenly, we have seen the answers to years of prayer, I mean YEARS of prayer for our region, begin to unfold like the opening of a lovely rose right before our eyes these past two weeks. Just this AM I was moved to tears as precious people of God spoke of servant leadership, humility and repentance that is beginning to change the very heart of our city. We are in a season of Suddenlies saints. Prayers, old and new, are being answered. Watch, listen, and expect many things you have been waiting on for a long time to suddenly happen. Even those things that seem completely dead and you have stopped praying about them, revisit with new passion. The Lord is speaking to my heart that it is time to call upon His resurrection power and as we do dreams, plans, hopes are being raised up and given new life. ” Do not be afraid,Only Believe.” said Jesus in Mark 5:36. Only believe church! It is time for your “Suddenlies!”

From 8-6-11

Get ready for surprises pouring out of heaven from the heart of the Father. Along with the “suddenlies” where there is an amazing answer to long time prayers and resurrection of promises, dreams, and vision, the Lord is about the business of surprising us with reunions, new wonderful connections, opportunities that we would not have dreamed of. He is giving sweet gifts of simple heart desires and we will experience surprising favor wherever we go. Those who have been faithful to Him and have shared His love with others, those who remain humble before Him, those who have taken time to enter into His presence are and will increasingly experience wonderful surprises delivered by the Holy Spirit and His angelic hosts. Times of great delight and joy in our Lord are here to cancel the dark oppresive onslaught of the enemy. These gifts from heaven will enable us to move forward in the Father’s divine plan for our cities, our nation, the nations of the world. We will be supported and strengthened by these surprises and more able to run the race and gain the prize of our highest call!

Get ready to see Jesus high and lifted up in ways you never dreamed. Don’t give in or give up! Look up! Look up! Look up! See the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. He is about to exalt those who are humble, hidden and unknown. Surprises are pouring out as we receive His Grace. Surprises to help us in our Kingdom building work are here and more are on the way. Bless His Holy Name!

respectfully submitted

Rev. Cheryl Birch

copyrighted 2011 Cheryl S Birch

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