Prophetic Archive 2012

Prophetic Insight 2012/5773
Released September 26, 2012

I am hearing and reading many things about the coming year. Read a lot of different prophetic insights for 2013 as we are about to enter the 4th quarter of 2012 ( and have actually begun 5773 on the Hebrew calendar). The things I have read and listened to are a blessing, but there are so many views that it gets complex and confusing trying to sort out the root thing God is doing.

What I know first is that the Lord isn’t complicated with us and it seems that when He speaks to me that He is especially simple so that I can really grab the heart of His plans. So, when I asked Him to make sense of all the prophetic insight and what to expect for 5773/2013, I got this phrase dropped into my heart:

Conformation and Transformation in preparation for Reformation.

This year the Holy Spirit will be working ever more intensely to conform us into the very image of Christ Jesus. The conforming of our minds and hearts is vital. As this process increases throughout this decade it will be so complete and we will be so in agreement with the heart of the Father, that as we pray there will be transformation of cities, regions, governments, people groups all around us.

There is a reformation that has been brewing relatively unseen. The church that we have known is the first governmental structure in the earth that will be transformed because we are individually transformed. What has been a hidden work of God is about to be revealed. I believe by what I have heard from the Lord that this is the year we will begin to see the revealing of the sons and daughters of God that the whole earth is groaning for.

This is a signifigant year for the body of Christ to choose His High Call or not. We can fight conformation to the image of Christ and be relegated to carnal religious mediocrity. Or, if we will yield to the conformation process, we will be partakers of transformation and leaders in the reformation that will birth the greatest revival and harvest of souls the earth as ever seen. This is a significant year and my prayer is that we all choose God and His ways!

2012 An Awesome Year
Released October 2011

Just can’t agree with the disaster folks; those who are prophesying earthquakes and tidal waves and believe the punishment of God is about to be poured out upon us all. There may be more challenges that usual in 2012, but it seems to me Jesus talked about that as a sign that He would be coming soon, not the wrath of the Father. What I know in my heart by His Spirit is that no matter what goes on this year, His glory will outweigh it all.

I am hearing Big Big Big from the Lord and to prepare for explosive increase, outpouring, miracles, glory and provision like we have never seen before. Spotlights are coming on faithful ministries and the value and worth of what the remnant are doing will be recognized by the lost and hurting and those who are starving to death spiritually in the religious church structure. The starving will come by droves to His Amazing Light. It is an exciting time.

But, I am also hearing from the Lord that there will be great stress on the man centered churches. The Holy Spirit said to stop praying over the “Saul institutions” and leave them in His care. He said to pray that the people caught in those institutions are freed of religious chains. “Let My people go!” Is a cry louder than ever before. It is time for an Exodus so that the people may Worship Him. (And a time for transformations of whole churches as they become bold and stand against controlling spirits). He told our ministry to focus our prayers on the building up of the Tabernacle of David. It is a year to build HIS KINGDOM, one without walls. When the Tabernacle is complete, then we can start to build up the Temple of Solomon. That is the one that God so filled with His Glory no one could even stand. I say, YAY God! 2012 is destined to be an AWESOME year!

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