Remembering 9-11

9-11 Memorial Remembrance

One of the most moving moments of my life was when I visited the 9-11 Memorial in NYC. The sense of sacrifice and honor of the fallen was overwhelming. Roses and flags were placed by various names carved in the marble. It was surrounded by construction equipment and they were building the new towers. From a huge crane on the far side hung a giant USA flag. I looked up at it and started to weep for our nation. The red and white stripes radiated and I heard in my heart “By HisĀ stripes ye were healed.” Thank you Lord for healing our nation. Thank you for brave First Responders and valiant citizens like those on Flight 93 and so many others that rose to the cause though suffering harm or great loss. Help us Lord to be brave and valiant rising to the cause in You every day. And to remember not only our fallen, but to remember from where our help comes from. Our help comes from the Lord maker of heaven and earth.


photo found on Google labeled free for use