Pray Like Never Before


On June 26th, a day of great change for our nation, the Lord spoke these three phrases to me: ‎Pray Like Never Before‬; the‎ USA Has Destiny In Christ Jesus;‬ ‪‎Arise Church‬!

Then He gave me this message:
If ever there was a time to pray Church, it is now. Hatefulness, name calling, and vengeful attitudes will do nothing to change the hearts of people or the spiritual atmosphere of our nation. If you are angry allow the Holy Spirit to turn it into a Holy Fire of intercession. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the evil, overcome it by releasing good through praying scripture. If you are fearful, choose to trust God, (yes you can choose to trust and not be afraid) and pray in faith with His vision for the destiny of our nation.

God is not through with the USA. He is helping us, the church, to awaken and arise in Him. Our years of lack of prayer and little to no unity among the churches got us here. My firm belief is that the answer is in the mouth and actions of the body of Christ. Fervent faith-filled prayer, declarations, intercession and endeavoring to love one another as Christ has loved us will begin the process of change. Setting aside differences, embracing our sameness in Christ, becoming ONE as the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are ONE (John 17) will turn the nation back to God because we, the church, have turned to Him as our only source and hope.

Our job is not to curse those who are bound in sin, but to soul by soul share the Gospel, the good news that God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever would believe on Him would have eternal life (John 3:16). It is time to come out of the shelter of our church walls like never before in history and love on people as Jesus has loved on us. Be His healing hands, His loving eyes, and His voice of truth! We are the place where heaven meets earth and our greatest hour is upon us, if we will do it His way!

Submitted by Rev Cheryl Birch
June 26, 2015

May be shared in whole with submitted by and date intact.

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A Decade of Shifting Gears!


A Word from the Lord for 5774/2014…

We’ve been in a progression of intense spiritual growth since 5770/2010. That year began a new decade, a Year of Awakening – The year the Lord began to SHIFT us into high gear. That was the Hebrew year represented by the Ayin which is the number 70. There is a prophetic message in the Ayin – it is seeing clearly or the eye of God. This is a decade dedicated to learning how to see fully through the eyes of God, to see in the spirit. To live guided by the eye of God. This is the decade that we cross over from man’s chaotic government to the perfect orderly Government of God. The Lord told me that was First gear. He was just getting us started.

5771/2011 the year that began the return to the heart of the Father and an understanding that He wants an intimate loving relationship. That was Aleph = 1 Back to the beginning of relationship with God like Adam and Eve. This is the year the Holy Spirit began transforming the bride of Christ by lifting us up out of Shame and Condemnation. We stepped out of the Old Testament and into the New. We crossed the line to His loving arms. Second Gear.

5772/2012 is Bet =2 which means House. It was the year that began the renovation of Beth Yeshua, the house of Jesus. Working on individuals by tearing down our selfishness, revealing to us hidden sins, and corporately returning us to Jesus’ command to love one another as He has loved us. By this people will know we belong to Him. Third gear.

5773/2013 is Gimmel =3 which means to lift up burdens like a camel. Lifting up took place to a newness in our relationship with the Holy Spirit. This is the year we began to recognize our great need to fully depend upon Him to take care of everything. He has done this by opening more fully our understanding of Grace and our position as sons and daughters of God. And a renewing of our understanding that we need HIM and Him alone as our Guide and our Counselor. We need him to bear our burdens. Fourth gear.

5574/2014 is Dalet = 4 humility, lowliness. It is a type of door. This door leads to the understanding that you possess nothing. Total humility before God. Total dependence upon Him. It is also a doorway where we must choose. We can remain the way we are and close ourselves off to the hopes and dreams God has for us, or go through to His fullness..

We are almost halfway through the decade of Awakening and this is the door that will take us to “Hey”. Hey is 5775/2015. It is the halfway point; which is the ability to receive FULLNESS or Full Measure (Playroma, a boatfull of blessing) of who we are in Christ Jesus and to receive a revelation of our highest call in Him. We cannot get to the fullness without the experience found this year in the Dalet.

The Lord spoke to me that this is the door of death to our flesh driven ways. It is the season of dying to everything but God and His word. It is a season that births resurrection power in us. Resurrection power flowing means we have died in Christ and have then been raised up to be like Him in this world. His resurrection power, His love, His everything will flow through us like clear refreshing water and delicious manna to dying people.

We about to pick up our cross and follow Him to glorious outpouring through us to people in need.

We have been fractured and separated as a body in the world, though always one in Christ Jesus in the spirit. Now by walking through this door of transformation we will become a VISIBLE, seen, embodiment of Jesus Command to Love one another as He has loved us. That is how folks will know we belong to Him and represent Him.

The Lord equated this to making aliyah. Aliyah means to ascend or go up. This doorway has a ramp that goes up… up out of the world’s ways to Mount Zion, or the Lord’s ways. Just as the Jews make Aliyah by leaving the gentile nations and returning to Israel, or going up to Jerusalem, we are being called up wooed by the Spirit God to leave behind the lifestyle of Babylon and step through the door into a life just like Jesus and more. For according to the word of God collectively we will do even greater works as His body here on earth than He did when He walked among us. This is 5th Gear.

First gear is what you start with to get moving.
Second gear helps you to gain speed and traction.
Third gear is good for ups and downs, rough roads.
Fourth gear is when you start cruising.
Fifth gear is the first gear for gaining highway speeds.
Sixth gear coming next is OVERDRIVE!

Remnant as you shift into 5th gear expect rapid change, quick transformation, quickening in all areas, smoother sailing spiritually speaking because you are no longer in charge, the Lord is. The challenge you will have is making the transition to 5th gear. The enemy is fighting and the desires of our own flesh will try to reject the change. It will take great humility and passion for the presence of God, and the death of our self serving ways to make the SHIFT. When you do, you will be as one who dreams (Psalm 126) as you see the mighty goodness of the Lord pour forth!

He is asking us right now if we want to make the shift into 5th gear. Grab the gear shift, step on the gas, this road leads to resurrection power in Christ Jesus!