Pray Like Never Before


On June 26th, a day of great change for our nation, the Lord spoke these three phrases to me: ‎Pray Like Never Before‬; the‎ USA Has Destiny In Christ Jesus;‬ ‪‎Arise Church‬!

Then He gave me this message:
If ever there was a time to pray Church, it is now. Hatefulness, name calling, and vengeful attitudes will do nothing to change the hearts of people or the spiritual atmosphere of our nation. If you are angry allow the Holy Spirit to turn it into a Holy Fire of intercession. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the evil, overcome it by releasing good through praying scripture. If you are fearful, choose to trust God, (yes you can choose to trust and not be afraid) and pray in faith with His vision for the destiny of our nation.

God is not through with the USA. He is helping us, the church, to awaken and arise in Him. Our years of lack of prayer and little to no unity among the churches got us here. My firm belief is that the answer is in the mouth and actions of the body of Christ. Fervent faith-filled prayer, declarations, intercession and endeavoring to love one another as Christ has loved us will begin the process of change. Setting aside differences, embracing our sameness in Christ, becoming ONE as the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are ONE (John 17) will turn the nation back to God because we, the church, have turned to Him as our only source and hope.

Our job is not to curse those who are bound in sin, but to soul by soul share the Gospel, the good news that God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever would believe on Him would have eternal life (John 3:16). It is time to come out of the shelter of our church walls like never before in history and love on people as Jesus has loved on us. Be His healing hands, His loving eyes, and His voice of truth! We are the place where heaven meets earth and our greatest hour is upon us, if we will do it His way!

Submitted by Rev Cheryl Birch
June 26, 2015

May be shared in whole with submitted by and date intact.

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It is Worth it!

hands reaching

The Holy Spirit is developing within the sons and daughters of God a growing appreciation for the whole body of Christ.

A new appreciate for each individual right where they are is being birthed in us. He is removing in this hour old entrenched layers of being judgmental and critical of one another. Religious teaching is falling off, like scales fell off Paul’s eyes, so that we can see the body of Christ through the eyes of the Father.

It is a time of weeping.

A time of weepy prayers and repentance is coming as we see with renewed eyes what we have missed by being separated and even hating one another. Loving one another as Jesus has loved us is being birthed in the hearts of those who have been praying and interceding and asking diligently for more; asking to know the love of God.

The Father is pouring out His heart right now to those who have not given up.

Every Prayer we have asked in His Name, that is in line with His plans and purposes, WILL come to pass. He is answering every single one of them in this hour – because we have never ever given up – because we have stood in faith. We keep asking, seeking and knocking and His heart is pouring out answers.

This is an intense hour, as all that stands in the way of answering our prayers must be crushed to powder, removed, healed, reconciled. No room for selfish pride, fear, rejection, or religious constraints. A new love is being birthed in the body that will love as Jesus loved, a sacrificing love, a compassion that moves our heart like it moved the heart of Jesus. It is growing in us and it must be expressed. We are receiving the transformation we have been asking for. It is transformation from the inside out. It’s quite emotional. It must be expressed so that it will flow steadily. Be emotional. Be weepy. It is all good! It is all healing.

The sons and daughters of God are on the pointed tip of something that is so huge.

It is big. It is causing war and push-back from the enemy. Fight off fear. The result will be reconciliation, re-birthing of that which you thought was dead and would never come to pass, launching of NEW THINGS, so many stirrings of new things in the men and women leaders, new things in the praying church. Be a catalyst. Do what the Lord calls you to. Do it no matter what. Be determined to do it with JOY and PEACE, not fear.

New spiritual sight is being released to those that have persevered.

The Lord is speaking that He wants to give His sons and daughters a glimpse into the eternal value of what He is calling us to. When He comes to you, tell Him YES! Tell Him that whatever is needed to advance His Kingdom: “do unto to me” just like Mary. This is far reaching, reaching into eternity. Each of us is designed perfectly and precisely for what He is about to reveal. It is written into our very DNA, every bit of our life, good and bad, has been used to prepare us, just so we can glorify Him, honor Him, and Praise Him with our lives.

Healing tears

Let tears come, both joy at the greatness and glory of it all and sorrow at time wasted, but with no guilt or condemnation; instead with determination to waste no more time. It is glorious and magnificent and way beyond our capabilities. He will indeed be glorified. And, as He shows us the huge picture, keep doing the small things step by step to get there knowing all you are walking through, all the hard stuff, is worth it. He is worth it. The glory that is set before you is worth it.

Submitted by Rev. Cheryl Birch
Received 3-16-14; renewed 3-16-16

May be shared in whole with submitted by and date in tact.