The Butterfly Effect

Butterfly - Monarch

This past week I was reading a book that primarily centers on our life choices and how important it is to trust God and to take risks at His word to us, even if it seems counter-intuitive (That’s another another way of saying “scary.”) The premise is that every decision and choice we make sets the stage for our future this side of heaven and it affects our ability to step fully into our divine destiny in Christ Jesus. Thankfully, we get a lot of do-overs because of the Blood of Jesus and GRACE of God… And, He can turn even our biggest mistakes into huge victories, BUT at some point we need to make THE choice or choices, life changing decisions, that get us going on His chosen path for us.

In the middle of the chapter I am reading, the “butterfly effect” was mentioned. Now, I am not so sure I am a fan of Chaos Theory with which the term “butterfly effect” is connected, but I was grabbed by the statements of the scientist that published his findings regarding a weather model computer experiment he did back in 1961. It was his research that birthed the term butterfly effect. He had run a very successful multi-month weather model and decided to rerun it to check for accuracy. But, he made a choice to enter one number a little differently. Instead of using 0.506127 value as he had done in the original program he rounded it to 0.506 value thinking the change was so small it wouldn’t affect anything. He said he stepped away for a coffee break and when he came back he found that the weather model had change significantly. In fact, so much change occurred that by the end of the second month of predictions the computer had created new values nothing like the original model. His change to the computer model by rounding the number was so insignificant at face value that it was deemed no more than a “flap of a butterfly’s wing.” Yet, it dramatically changed the weather model.

As I thought about this I felt the presence of the Lord so strong and I heard “The Prayer Effect.” We have the ability to pray and it changes everything! Sometimes at face value it looks like we are going nowhere. No apparent answers, change or breakthrough is even hinted at. That is when we really need to keep flapping those butterfly wings spiritually speaking! It’s Vital for us all to keep praying, declaring and proclaiming God’s word. Every prayer we bring to God in faith, or don’t bring to God’s throne of grace, sets the stage for His answers and breakthroughs in our future, individually and collectively. Or, with no prayer, we are in for even more delay.

Remarkably in the supernatural world of Father God our prayers, or our prayerlessness, affects not only us, but others for whom we intercede. Whole cities, nations, regions, families, neighborhoods, ministries, and world systems are impacted by how much we value prayer. Prayerlessness does nothing; the model stays the same or even deteriorates. On the other hand, what we pray in our prayer closet causes a ripple effect in the spirit realms! It is beyond mind boggling to me the potential impact and long term effect of just one prayer a day, let alone dozens! No doubt that effect was what James was referring to when he stated that our effectual fervent prayers avail much. And John when he told us to pray in confidence because God hears us and He will answer.

So, brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus, we are daily seeing “The Prayer Effect” in action. We are recipients of a grand supernatural “butterfly effect” as the Lord uses every word of praying saints to do marvelous things to advance His Kingdom through us and through our ministries! Holy Spirit is on the move creating magnificent changes and He is transforming the body of Christ person by person, heart by heart. If we will grab this, we can be positioned on the cutting edge of what Holy Spirit is doing in the earth! We can be recipients of the dramatic freeing changes coming upon all who serve the Lord Jesus Christ AND help pray the same freedom for others.

Whether you say a fervent one minute prayer daily over specific topics, people or a geographic location, or have one day a week when you can pray for a couple of hours, or any combo of time and prayer throughout the week, I hear the Lord saying: YOU are making a huge difference! What you may be seeing right now in your life or in the world does not indicate what the outcome will be! There are exciting NEW Things still to come!

Grab hold of the truth that what you pray, what you choose to do or not do, who you are in Christ Jesus has a marvelous impact for His Kingdom! Make a Butterfly Effect choice today. Become part of “The Prayer Effect” for the body of Christ and for our world! 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

Keep flapping those prayer wings!
JOY and Peace to you all,

Authored by Rev. Cheryl Birch
Published 4-29-19
May be shared with name of author and date intact
Copyrighted 2019 Cheryl S. Birch

Good Gifts

JetsonsI remember way back in 1964 during Social Studies class we figured out what age we kids would be in the year 2000. That seemed like a Sci-fi year to all of us as it was so very far in the future. We did essays on what we thought the world would be like in the year we would turned 50 years old. Despite the fact that all of us thought 50 was an ancient age, and it was hard for us to believe we would ever be “that old,” we began to imagine and dream what it would be like. Most of us thought it would be like the “Jetsons” cartoon on television replete with spaceship like cars, robots serving us, anti-gravity belts, instant food cooking, and a dog name Astro.

Now, we are all well past that 2000 year marker. While I cannot speak for my classmates, who could be inventors or scientists making stunning Sci-fi gizmos, I don’t have an anti-gravity car, nor can I transport to Hawaii in 5 minutes like Judy Jetson did for a beach party. But, we do have communicators (cell phones), nearly instant cooking (microwave ovens), video calling and a bunch of other Jetsons-like stuff. Too bad the robots haven’t progressed past vacuuming the floor as far as serving us at home, but they are in every industry so even that has come true.

Our imaginations as a generation of kids took us toward those inventions and technologies and many of them were created. It’s all pretty impressive what humankind has done and taken all the credit for.  Yes, I was being a little critical because, by and large, we have left out of the picture a very important component; the central reason we have been blessed with all these creature comforts. Left out by most folks has been the divine inspiration and blessings of the Lord God. There has been a gross lack of spiritual connection to the One giving all these good things to humankind. That Father God would be involved in inspiring invention and technology doesn’t seem to fully compute with our culture. Nonetheless, the Word of God says in James 1:17 “All good things come down from the Father of Lights above.” Continue reading