Fervency Choice


Heard this while I was praying: “Fervency is a Choice.” Seems like we are in a cycle in the body of Christ of waiting for a powerful song or a dynamic anointed preacher or someone’s powerful prayer over us to trigger fervency, fire and passion in our hearts. That can happen, but one of two things will occur. First one I hear all the time: “The meeting (or prayer, or song) was so great and I was so excited to finally feel free and passionate for the things of God. Now, I am feeling stuck again. Right back to where I was.” The second one is that a fire is lit in the person and it doesn’t go out. Why the difference? The second one the person was transformed because they were not centered on the feelings or experiences at the meeting. They were centered on receiving from God even if, when they left the meeting or prayer time, they felt no immediate change.

Fervency, fire and passion are not inextricably tied to shouting, jumping, running, dancing, clapping or enthusiastic physical or verbal expressions of joy. Fervency is however very tied to an unwavering intimate relationship with God through prayer and worship. That can manifest as clapping, jumping and shouting, but more often true abiding fervency and passion is expressed in our daily interactions with God and with the people He has placed in our lives. It flows out of us as tears of intercession over lost souls and nations trapped in sin, or as rivers of living water to our family members, co-workers and neighbors. It says in Jeremiah 20 that the word of God became fire in his bones (Jer 20:9) and in Psalm 104:4 it says God makes His ministers flames of fire. That happened for both Jeremiah and the Psalmist because of the presence of God in their lives.

Fervency is a choice, because daily we must choose to come into the presence of God or not and choose whether to receive from Him or not. Then it is our choice whether to keep all we receive from Him for ourselves, or to pass on what He has imparted to others. It is in the giving away that the fire keeps burning. There is no lack of fiery passion and fervency in the presence of God. He will daily light “your match.” There is a lack on our part of choosing to go boldly to the throne of Grace, receive out of His abundance and share what we have received. Romans 12:10-13, Hebrews 4:14-15

We can sit passionless and hope that something triggers a fire in us, or we can actively choose to say to our God, I want your presence and all You have for me. I choose to be fervent in my pursuit of YOU. Jesus said when we do that, when we keep our eyes fixed on God, then everything else will be added to us, when we give to God He will pour back to us more than we can contain. Luke 12:32-37, Luke 6:38

Father, we choose to fervently seek Your presence. I pray in Jesus name, that we would not only seek You, but receive from You, and flow with Your love and passion as we give away all that we receive to the people around us in great need. Let Your fiery love flow through us! AMEN!

Encouraging Word 5-19-13


Doubt and confusion over an issue means you cannot see how you would do it or “fix” a situation. Faith and belief means you know you can’t do it or fix it at all, but you trust I CAN! Now add receiving and embracing My way, My word, My answers and you have total victory! The power, the authority you have in Me flows. Your city is yours! Your state is yours! Your nation is yours! Lift up My Word, My Son, My Spirit and I, your Father, will exalt you among mankind; among nations.

GRACE! Lean, Lean, Lean heavily on Me! Seek Me and not another way. Eyes on Me! Ears open to Me! Heart fixed on Me! And, I will build your heart into a fortress of My Love. Your belly will overflow with fountains and rivers from My Belly, all for the peoples I send you to; many faces, many nations. And, fear not! I am strengthening you to accomplish much you have only dreamed. You dare to believe this, Child, and I will give it all to you!

A Word to the Body of Christ submitted by Rev Cheryl Birch
May 19, 2013

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Free of Strife


This is what I want for you, My son, My daughter, that you are free of strife and One with Me in your daily life. You do not need to wait for Me to take you home. Come now, My Child, to my glorious thone. I have for you such treasures of magnificent hope and love. Set your heart toward Me daily. Keep your mind fixed above. Seek Me and only Me and you shall have great reward. There is nothing of My Kingdom I will from you withhold. Be confident in Me. Listen to Me. I am your source and to you My Glory will unfold.

Received by Rev Cheryl Birch
while in prayer 4-6-13
May be shared in whole with name and date received intact.


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A Prayer of my heart…

My Father, My Lord, My everything…Oh that my eyes could see and my heart receive the freedom,the supernatural freedom, that Jesus purchased for me.

Expand my capacity, Lord God, I pray in Jesus’ Holy Name, to understand that
I am FREE as are all who belong to You.

Oh that my inner being would expand and my mind be overtaken with the
knowledge that I am Your true son, a true daughter. Let me know the depth of Your love for me.

Remove all fear that binds me up and negates the joy You give. Let me dance in Your presence and live confidently wrapped in your arms of protection and strength.

Show me Father, show me… I Pray…

Oh my Yes! Now I see. I am free to come boldly to You in Your courts and approach your throne of Grace. I am free to run with abandon enjoying fullness of life in my ordained position in the earth.

Yes! I see, I am well-favored and you lavish me with wonderful gifts of tender healing and love.

I am your daughter.

You are my Father.

I am free.

I am grateful!

Thank you, Lord

Respectfully submitted Rev Cheryl S Birch

May be reposted and/or shared in whole with reference
to Rev Cheryl S Birch and date received intact.