Beginning of a Light Yoke Era


Good news is pouring out of heaven to me today as it has for the past two days. As Yom Teruah just ended and we have begun the 10 days of Awe, ending with Yom Kippur,  Holy Spirit is leading all in the body of Christ, who will listen and yield to His promptings, into a new era. Yes, I said ERA.

This is the season of the year when our God makes changes. He ends things and begins things. Sometimes that is for the year, or the decade, or the century or all three. Today, I kept hearing from Him that a new era has begun where the body of Christ will steadily become the spotless wrinkle free bride for whom Jesus will return. She will be worry free, fear free, prejudice free, bitterness free, hate free… she will be FREE! No wrinkles of life will be left that cause her to stumble and fall. She will rise out the ashes of this life with none of the sorrows upon her. She will have finally developed eyes for Jesus only.  And, as she goes to Him He will present her with His “Light Yoke.”  This is the KEY to the new door He has opened wide. (Read Other Side of the Door). This is the KEY to the new era.

Matthew 11:28-29 Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.

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Transfiguration: a Vision for the Decade


In September of 2014 I had a vision of what looked like a body with its head on backwards. Upon close observation in the vision I could see it was actually a head with its body on backwards… This intensely unusual scene revealed the condition of the body of Christ and Lord’s plan to totally transform His people by the end of this decade. This year He continued to reveal His victorious message of hope contained in the vision. Listen to the prophetic message released on September 25, 2015 by clicking here.

Pentecost 2015

Prophetic release May 22, 2015


(From the Lord) This Pentecost will be like no other. Be Alert! Something remarkable is about to happen. In the past there have been cities or churches where I demonstrated My Love and Power. In this season, it will not be the same. It will not be one or two places that I visit with demonstration, it will be all over the world at the same time. My Spirit, My very person, will touch My churches and they will KNOW Me and they will be made new. I will press into them all over, in every nation, in every city and I will do it all at once and it will change the face of My church. Worldwide I will do this.

Release My Angels with your prayers. Release them tonight to circle the globe. Circle the globe to the North, South, East and West and every point in-between. Angels of refreshing, renewal, reformation, revival. Angels bearing joy, peace, comfort, healing, revelation, wisdom, understanding. Release with your prayers My Angels carrying scrolls of Discipleship. Angels taking scrolls of Discipleship, My Words, to converts worldwide. They shall be converts no more! They shall receive the Words they need. They shall not be stunted and hindered any longer by religious walls and lack of commissioning. They shall grow and be My Sons and My Daughters.

An explosion of My love will hit My church. This Pentecost, this Shavuot, is not like others. Ready yourselves for I will begin this Pentecost.

Dead dry churches. I (Cheryl) see a dead dry church. Everyone in their Sunday best. Sitting on the pews with blank faces. Suddenly a wind. A mighty wind. Rushing sound of a wind hits that place. They cannot help but praise HIM, they explode with PRAISES for their King Jesus! They are refreshed, they are freed. The prison doors are opened. The Holy Spirit will set prisoners FREE to worship the King of Kings, King Jesus! It begins this Pentecost!

Angels are here. I (Cheryl) see what looks like aprons. They are shimmering with glory. They are not aprons they are being tied around the shoulders of God’s people.Release with your prayers Angels carrying mantels. They are new mantels. The old is being removed and a new mantel is being given for this season. The mantels will strengthen, refresh, increase and make new! Mantels of confidence, mantels of new energy, zeal and passion, mantels of joy, peace, hope.

When the people step into these new mantels they will release joy wherever they go, peace wherever they go, hope wherever they go, passion, zeal, renewed strength and energy wherever they go… in great confidence in the Lord Jesus Christ! This is new all new!!!

(back to the Lord) My Sons, My Daughters walking in new mantels, throughout the whole earth, the old removed, the new has come. You are receiving new mantels tonight. My Church shall receive new mantels this Pentecost, this Shavuot is not like others. I am gifting Myself to you in a new way.

My Church is ARISING! She shall not be hindered any longer. Demonic forces shall not stop her. Religious dead rules shall not hinder her. She is rising up NOW! This Pentecost she shall walk in the fire of my love. She shall reflect ME. Suddenly, My church shall be seen for who she is in ME!


This was received and released at our worship and bible study Friday May 22nd at about 8 PM. The Holy Spirit grabbed the meeting and we moved in intense intercession followed by these words and visions. I have endeavored to clarify what I heard the Lord speak to me and what I was seeing and interpreting. While we were praying and releasing angels Pam saw this: “I was seeing a man on a horse. He was a king with a crown and he had a scepter extended upward. He moved the scepter as if pointing it when you released and commissioned the angels to take the scrolls.”

May this prophetic release be an encouragement to you! Be expectant this Pentecost. Something wonderful is about to happen!

Submitted by Rev Cheryl Birch
may be shared in whole with submitted by included

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The Field


This past week I kept hearing the phrase “sower and reaper rejoicing together.” I thought perhaps it was a new poem or song, but nothing more came to me until I sat down to do my Bible reading for the day. I am starting the year out in the Book of John and I began to read the 4th chapter. In verse 36 it says: Already the reaper is getting his wages [he who does the cutting now has his reward], for he is gathering fruit (crop) unto life eternal, so that he who does the planting and he who does the reaping may rejoice together. (AMP)

Right after I read that verse I saw myself way ahead in a huge field an endless field in all directions. In my row were individuals scattered to my right and left and a couple way ahead of me. I was breaking up ground with a pick axe. When the chucks of earth were loosened I would take a big shovel and smash the chucks into powder, take a rake smooth out the earth, plant much seed and move forward. Each time I moved forward I would do the same. Right behind me was a small group watering the seed that was planted. They would stay for awhile then move forward to the next row that had been planted. Far behind us were folks assigned to rake, hoe, weed and tend to the field with more water. They would stay until the plants were growing, tending, removing weeds and fertilizing. Far behind them were the reapers.

Then suddenly the groups far behind moved closer. The seed was growing fast and the whole process was speeding up. The preparation and planting was going much faster – even though the ground was very hard – every effort was multiplied. Again the scene changed and as fast as I readied the ground it was watered, tended, grown, and reaped. All the groups working in the field had merged. We were singing and rejoicing together as every area of the seemingly endless field was harvested.

Very very old seed, long though dead, suddenly burst forth in full fruit. These were instantly harvested and joined the team in their role of either planting, tending or reaping. They had so developed hidden away underground that when the sprang forth they were fully grown and mature, full of good fruit.

Respectfully submitted by Rev Cheryl Birch

May be shared in whole with submitted by and date intact.

I stopped working for a moment in the vision and turned back to survey what we had accomplished. In the distance were huge combines slowly lumbering toward the field. They kicked up a white cloud all around them. The Lord said they were the instruments of the great great harvest of the world.

A Year to Draw Near


While I was praying, I began to see a radiant person, I believe the person represented followers of Christ Jesus. The person was surround by items whirling around them and some were bouncing and jumping. The items were flat screen televisions, cell phones, tablets, computers, game players, music players, readers, books, newspapers, magazines, sports equipment, shopping bags, desks, restaurants, theaters, other people, cars, boats, bikes and on and on. Then the Lord spoke to my heart this word:

2014 is a year of revelation for my sons and daughters; a year of awakening for My Body. The grooming of My Bride, from head to toe, has increased. My Light shall bring forth truth about her. Both ugly stains of abiding sins and the glorious radiance of her reflection of Me shall be clearly seen.

For those who will hear My Voice, it is a year to draw near, nearer than you have ever been. For many are speaking of a door that has opened; they have said it is time to walk through the door. Still, many misinterpret My Voice – they do not understand that the door is not to greater works or larger ministries, or more success – it is the open door of My Heart. An invitation to draw nigh to Me, to dwell in My chambers.

Tell them and heed this carefully yourself, you have looked to the outside and your works in Me, now come to the inside to the heart of you. There is found the door I desire you to enter. The door to My Heart is easily found in your heart when it is at rest in Me. You will never find it on the outside, come to the inside. To be like Me is your goal. To be like Me, you must experience Me. To demonstrate My Love, you must know it for yourself. To hear My Voice you must take time to be quiet. To see what I see, you must know My Heart. Then I will give you sight and My Mind, the Mind of Christ will be activated in you more than ever before.

Distraction of all kinds will be your greatest challenge this year. Whirling winds of distraction are your challenge. I desire you to rest in Me. The enemy of your soul will try to create chaos of whirling distractions. Set aside these things and be still. Your own flesh desires and craves after these things, set aside the wants of your flesh and find time to draw near instead.

Here then is your word if you will: In the middle of the storm of distractions, you will find peace in Me. Turn to the inside of you to calm the outside. Connect with My heart and I will take you into the deepest parts of Me. The distractions will fade away – they pale compared to My treasures. Answers you have longed for, revelation, awakening, the assurance you seek; transformation is found in the endless oceans of My heart. My love makes it easy for you to endure. (Hebrews 12:1-3 AMP)

The door of My heart is open; come on in. Learn to be the demonstration of My Love in the earth. More than that, become the very expression of Me.

Submitted by Rev Cheryl Birch

May be share in whole with submitted by and date reference intact.

About to Launch

Happy Woman with Arms Outstretched

I saw the Bride of Christ rise up out of intense heavy black mud. It fell away from her face, neck, shoulders, arms, body and legs. Her feet were not yet free. Her hair was glorious, her face was radiant and turned upward. Her eyes were riveted on the Lord Jesus. Her arms were out at her sides and she looked like a super-hero comic character about to take off flying. She was about to be launched like a rocket into profound freedom in the Spirit. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is FREEDOM.

The Bride is ready to fly, but she is still rooted in the mud. The roots holding her feet to the world’s ways are not yet broken. These roots will soon be revealed, cut-off, broken, and healed. Whatever is needed will be supplied so she may FLY; SOAR with the Lord to prosperity in Him that He has reserved for this day and this hour.

submitted by Rev. Cheryl Birch 12-27-13
may be shared in whole with submitted by and date intact

2014 Turn Left!


The Lord spoke to my heart about 2014, as He did I saw the Bride of Christ walking along down a lovely path leading straight ahead. She came to a pure white wall. At first she just stood there and then she tried to go through the wall, but simply could not do it. It was obvious she knew going back was not an option and she tried again and again to go forward. She tried speaking to the wall, climbing the wall, trying to go under the wall, until she was beating it with her head and body. Finally, in exhaustion she looked up to heaven and asked Father God what to do. Then she stood very quiet and listened to the answer that she received. Her mind lit up. The wall is immovable! The wall was God’s wall. The path was not straight ahead. To the back it was dark. To the right it was dark. When she turned to the left the path lit up and she could see. So she turned left and headed down the path refreshed and full of joy.

The Lord told me His people must make a left turn toward spiritual change. Going backward is never an option. Going to the right is toward natural change through natural means. Though the spiritual change will eventually bring about great changes in the natural realm, His desire right now is spiritual transformation. It is a new path where His people will learn to more clearly hear His voice and immediately obey. Where they will grow in the fruits and gifts of the Holy Spirit and be not only anointed but demonstrative representatives of Jesus, their King, in the earth.

Everything that is not of Him will be uprooted (Matthew 5:8 Every plant which My Heavenly Father has not planted will be uprooted). Everything that is of Him will be instilled in His people. He said: in 2014 Turn Left!

submitted by Rev Cheryl Birch 12-26-13
may be shared in whole with submitted by and date intact.