Exiting Time Space Limitations

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This past week I was reading the book “In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day” by Pastor Mark Batterson… crazy title, but a great book to read if you haven’t already. Something he said about space, time and prayer really inspired me. He described our human finite space, time, dimension limitations and used an example of a drawn cartoon to explain… “imagine if a comic-strip character could take on a third dimension. The added degree of freedom would enable him to jump right off the page. Isn’t that what faith does? Maybe we underestimate our freedom in Christ. Maybe it’s not just freedom from sin. Maybe it is the freedom to do the extra-dimensional.  Faith gives us the dimensional freedom to overcome our human limitations by exiting space-time via prayer.”
I added in my notes “Exiting space – time limitations via strong faith-prayer launches us into God’s multi-dimensional (really unlimited dimensional) Presence.  In the Presence of God anything and everything is possible!!”
To me there is little doubt that Apostle Paul (probably all the Apostles) had extra-dimensional experiences and freedom in Christ that most of us are just starting to learn about or walk in enough faith to experience. Seems that life’s challenges constantly batter our faith and it’s hard to use our sanctified imagination to envision prayer that breaks the space-time barriers of our life in this world. But, Paul broke through! If he did, we can, but it takes overcoming faith like Paul had.
Truly if I were beaten, stoned, nearly drowned at sea, got bitten by a poisonous viper, thrown in prison (more than once) and my preaching caused an entire to city to riot, I would wonder if I was on the right track. Paul dwelt in a different spiritual space. He walked away from the beatings and stoning alive, sang songs to the Lord with Silas in a dank dark dungeon of a prison, wrote to the Philippians amazing encouragement despite his prison chains, didn’t drown at sea, shook off the viper and lived. Plus, the rioting city ended up with a move of God as did everywhere he set his foot for Christ. Signs and wonders followed him wherever he went. On top of that under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit he wrote most of the New Testament.
Why was his ministry so supernaturally successful and lasting despite all the seemingly huge setbacks? Because he had encounters with God in prayer. He prayed and he asked others to pray for him and his ministry. (2 Thessalonians Chapter 3, Ephesians Chapter 6, Romans 15 are examples.) Not only that he likely exited space-time dimensions of this earth and he saw and heard “unspeakably” wonderful things. He got to see life in Christ Jesus from God’s multi-dimensional perspective.  (Read 2 Corinthians 12:1-6)
No doubt James is describing this kind of prayer experience when he wrote: “The effectual fervent prayer of the righteous avails much.” (James 5:16) And that is exactly what is happening as we continue to press into prayer for our families, cities, states, nation and for the body of Christ. We are breaking through to God’s multi-dimensional ability to move mountains of problems and illness, uproot deep-seated transgressions,  and see both cast into the sea of God’s forgiveness mercy and grace. How exciting!!
This month let’s ask the Lord for multi-dimensional faith to pray prayers that breakthrough all limitations of space-time. Let’s ask Him for things impossible for us to accomplish without Him… Things that He can answer and get all the glory. As the world becomes more and more challenging, we all need this kind of prayer support and so does every aspect of this earthly realm Father God has assigned us to!
Father God is calling us to come up higher!
I can hardly wait to see what He is about to do…
Blessings of JOY and Peace,
Authored by Rev Cheryl Birch
May be shared with author and date intact
Copyrighted 2019 Cheryl S. Birch
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The Belief Factor

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I’ve been reading some devotionals by Steve Backlund of Igniting Hope Ministries that have been very impacting and inspiring.. Recently he sent out a message that in a nut shell admonished the reader to be aware that what we say (declare, proclaim, pray) with faith transforms challenging situations into catalytic moments for breakthrough.  Amen! But, really believing that is another question.
Sometimes when we pray the answers don’t come immediately. In fact, a lot of times the answers don’t come immediately! In those long seasons waiting for answers for our lives, for our ministries,  for loved ones etc., it can become hard to believe that anything we have declared, proclaimed or prayed has transforming power. Pastor Steve goes on to say that “What we believe about a situation is more of a problem than the situation.” That got me to pause and reread what he wrote!
The truth is our faith-filled utterances are always power packed – it is the belief factor that makes the difference. No faith, no power. Lot’s of faith, lots of power. How long it takes to receive the answer isn’t a measure of the power of our prayers, it is what we believe that matters most!
As we pray over our family, church, city, nation, world situations or anything else, it’s vital to ask ourselves what we are believing about that (those) situation(s). Always do a belief check first. Pastor Steve’s final comment was “There is ALWAYS a solution to every problem.” Another Amen! Indeed, we serve a God of infinite possibilities and solutions.  Nothing is impossible for our God! Luke 18:27  Pray as the writer of Hebrews has suggested “But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.” Hebrews 11: 6  (NKJV)
There is great reward ahead for us individually and as the body of Christ as we pray knowing our God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. When we pray with that kind of faith we can be assured that all of us will receive HIS amazing rewards!! Now, that might mean that we do not receive exactly what we think is best for us, but we will definitely receive the highest and the best Father God has planned for us.
Father God is calling higher and higher into His marvelous supernatural world! Our thoughts and desires are so much lessor than what He has for us. Personally, I can hardly wait to see and experience His magnanimous blessings!!!
With much peace and joy to you all!
Authored by Rev. Cheryl Birch
May be shared with author and date intact
Copyrighted 2019 Cheryl S. Birch
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The Butterfly Effect

Butterfly - Monarch

This past week I was reading a book that primarily centers on our life choices and how important it is to trust God and to take risks at His word to us, even if it seems counter-intuitive (That’s another another way of saying “scary.”) The premise is that every decision and choice we make sets the stage for our future this side of heaven and it affects our ability to step fully into our divine destiny in Christ Jesus. Thankfully, we get a lot of do-overs because of the Blood of Jesus and GRACE of God… And, He can turn even our biggest mistakes into huge victories, BUT at some point we need to make THE choice or choices, life changing decisions, that get us going on His chosen path for us.

In the middle of the chapter I am reading, the “butterfly effect” was mentioned. Now, I am not so sure I am a fan of Chaos Theory with which the term “butterfly effect” is connected, but I was grabbed by the statements of the scientist that published his findings regarding a weather model computer experiment he did back in 1961. It was his research that birthed the term butterfly effect. He had run a very successful multi-month weather model and decided to rerun it to check for accuracy. But, he made a choice to enter one number a little differently. Instead of using 0.506127 value as he had done in the original program he rounded it to 0.506 value thinking the change was so small it wouldn’t affect anything. He said he stepped away for a coffee break and when he came back he found that the weather model had change significantly. In fact, so much change occurred that by the end of the second month of predictions the computer had created new values nothing like the original model. His change to the computer model by rounding the number was so insignificant at face value that it was deemed no more than a “flap of a butterfly’s wing.” Yet, it dramatically changed the weather model.

As I thought about this I felt the presence of the Lord so strong and I heard “The Prayer Effect.” We have the ability to pray and it changes everything! Sometimes at face value it looks like we are going nowhere. No apparent answers, change or breakthrough is even hinted at. That is when we really need to keep flapping those butterfly wings spiritually speaking! It’s Vital for us all to keep praying, declaring and proclaiming God’s word. Every prayer we bring to God in faith, or don’t bring to God’s throne of grace, sets the stage for His answers and breakthroughs in our future, individually and collectively. Or, with no prayer, we are in for even more delay.

Remarkably in the supernatural world of Father God our prayers, or our prayerlessness, affects not only us, but others for whom we intercede. Whole cities, nations, regions, families, neighborhoods, ministries, and world systems are impacted by how much we value prayer. Prayerlessness does nothing; the model stays the same or even deteriorates. On the other hand, what we pray in our prayer closet causes a ripple effect in the spirit realms! It is beyond mind boggling to me the potential impact and long term effect of just one prayer a day, let alone dozens! No doubt that effect was what James was referring to when he stated that our effectual fervent prayers avail much. And John when he told us to pray in confidence because God hears us and He will answer.

So, brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus, we are daily seeing “The Prayer Effect” in action. We are recipients of a grand supernatural “butterfly effect” as the Lord uses every word of praying saints to do marvelous things to advance His Kingdom through us and through our ministries! Holy Spirit is on the move creating magnificent changes and He is transforming the body of Christ person by person, heart by heart. If we will grab this, we can be positioned on the cutting edge of what Holy Spirit is doing in the earth! We can be recipients of the dramatic freeing changes coming upon all who serve the Lord Jesus Christ AND help pray the same freedom for others.

Whether you say a fervent one minute prayer daily over specific topics, people or a geographic location, or have one day a week when you can pray for a couple of hours, or any combo of time and prayer throughout the week, I hear the Lord saying: YOU are making a huge difference! What you may be seeing right now in your life or in the world does not indicate what the outcome will be! There are exciting NEW Things still to come!

Grab hold of the truth that what you pray, what you choose to do or not do, who you are in Christ Jesus has a marvelous impact for His Kingdom! Make a Butterfly Effect choice today. Become part of “The Prayer Effect” for the body of Christ and for our world! 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

Keep flapping those prayer wings!
JOY and Peace to you all,

Authored by Rev. Cheryl Birch
Published 4-29-19
May be shared with name of author and date intact
Copyrighted 2019 Cheryl S. Birch

Shalom is more than Peace

This month the Lord has really highlighted to me the amazing power found in praying His Peace into and over every situation. In fact, so much so that I want to put out a challenge for us to specifically pray for God’s Peace, Shalom, over our communities, states and nations….and, all of us, for the next 30 days and beyond as the Lord leads.  I believe we will see Holy Spirit move in outrageously amazing ways in response!

This challenge will be most effective if we have an understanding that Peace in the word of God is both a noun and a verb. It is both a state of being and an action word!  Simply stated Shalom is more than peace.

God’s Peace is the word Shalom in Hebrew, interpreted in Greek as the word Eirene. However, we must note that the Hebrew folks and our Lord Jesus would have actually spoken or written the word Shalom wherever you see Eirene used.

Shalom means to have favor, to be safe,happy, healthy, prosperous, restored: perfectly well and whole and at rest. It’s profoundly interesting to not that
the Hebrew symbols for Shalom actually say “the authority that destroys chaos.” It is an action word! It is something we can choose to be and choose to pursue and do in the power of God.

Eirene means prosperity: to be one, peace, quietness, rest, + set at one  again (put back together).

What most of us really want is to experience the state of being represented by the noun Peace – which really is a goal of resting in the Lord – but, we’re not going to get to that goal until we understand the mighty ACTION of the verb Shalom/Eirene which is part of the transformational work of Holy Spirit that will lead us to the place of rest, wholeness, and prosperity in Him.

Holy Spirit brought this home to me at a recent prayer retreat I attended. He gave 3 scriptures as I was reading the Passion Translation

Psalm 23:1-3 The Lord is my best friend and my shepherd.  I always have more than enough. He offers a resting place for me in his luxurious love. His tracks take me to an oasis of peace, the quiet brook of bliss. That’s where he restores and revives my life. He opens before me pathways to God’s pleasure and leads me along in his footsteps of righteousness so that I can bring honor to his name.

Romans 14:17 For the kingdom of God is not a matter of rules about food and drink, but is in the realm of the Holy Spirit, filled with righteousness, peace, and joy.

Romans 16:20 And the God of peace will swiftly pound Satan to a pulp under your feet! And the wonderful favor of our Lord Jesus will surround you.

What David wrote in Psalm 23 – actually the whole of it – is our goal. No matter what is going on we can abide in that amazing place of resting in our God, at peace, knowing HE has it all taken care of, whatever “it” may be.   Ultimately verse 6 is the result: So why would I fear the future? For your goodness and love pursue me all the days of my life. Then afterward, when my life is through, I’ll return to your glorious presence to be forever with you! 

The Romans 14 verse reveals a three-part active, action oriented, transformation of every soul and thereby the Kingdom of God is built as whole families, congregations, neighborhoods, cities, nations are restored. Believers are transformed through salvation which brings righteousness, the process of healing our soul (wounds of the heart and mind) which brings peace. Righteousness plus Peace produces great joy in our Lord!

Then there is the ACTION part of peace that destroys chaos: Romans 16 which reveals the astounding power of cooperating with the God of Peace. The Shalom released by God into our lives is so powerful that it pounds satan to a pulp under our feet making room for Jesus to surround us with His wonderful favor. That is our goal of intercession in this challenge of praying peace. As we co-conspire with Holy Spirit this month asking for the restoring transforming power of peace, satan is gonna get a pounding! The result? The Kingdom of God: righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit!!

The Body of Christ needs this kind of prayer as they minister and as they launch into the new things our God is doing. WE who pray and intercede need this kind of prayer. Our world needs this kind of prayer. What most folks think peace is falls far short of God’s definition.

Shalom is a magnificent gift from a magnificent God. The more we understand His peace the more we will see lives changed for Him. For additional information about the mighty and amazing action of the Peace of God, and why it is so vital to pray for and to cooperate with His Shalom, check out this excellent (and short) Bible Project video   https://thebibleproject.com/videos/shalom-peace/.  And explore their site. It’s chock full of good stuff for personal study and to share with others.

If you decide to begin the “Praying Peace” challenge, let me know!


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Favor-Doors-Heart’s Desires

open door

Today in prayer I am simply drenched with three thoughts/impressions from the heart of God:

I am releasing favor to My Beloveds!

I am granting long time deeply held heart’s desires!

I have opened doors that were closed.

Plus, as I am typing this I hear:

Be Brave, Be Bold, Be Strong, Be Courageous! Take a step into the NEW I have for you.

A Great Seeing and Hearing

As I was reading Ephesians chapter 1 on January 1st I got grabbed by Holy Spirit and  began to write in my journal. This is what the Lord gave me about the New Year and beyond:

This year My people will learn to TRUST me like never before. I will do great exploits for them so that they may do great exploits that glorify Me and build MY Kingdom!

My banner of TRUST flies over them. They will see the demonstrations that are the longing of their hearts as they humble themselves before My throne of grace and give to Me the reins of their lives. They are the ones that sit at My feet loving Me no matter the cost. These are the ones that long to hear My voice and yearn to see what I see.

A “Great Seeing” is upon these, My Beloveds. Ability to see Me high and lifted up; to see what they have not been able to see.  A “Great Hearing” is being bestowed upon them even as you write this message. They will hear what they have not been able to hear. In the seeing and hearing they will be able to speak My words and perform My acts of mercy in the earth unlike they have ever done before.

No generation is like this generation. For Myself I have prepared a generation and I am raising them up. A generation that TRUSTS Me. A generation that WORSHIPS Me in spirit and in truth. This generation will shine for Me, glorifying Me, honoring Me; a chosen “generation of generations.”

All who will bow down I will lift up as mighty and strong in My love and power. Hurting, dying, lost souls cry out and this generation will hear keenly their hearts cry. They will bring in My harvest with joy; no longer fearful, no longer self absorbed, oppressed, or held back by life circumstances. The time of their testing and training for this season is over. Great opportunities are upon them to build My Kingdom. I have equipped them!

Through their tears and sacrifices they have become vessels of honor that I will fill to overflowing with My Brand New Wine.

(Speaking to each individual the Lord said tell them) Just a little while you will see your True Heart’s Desire!

(He concluded)

My Beloveds, I am proud of you! My hand of favor is upon you. My love wraps you. My joy fills your heart and I am making you strong in MY POWER! I am wiping away all hindrances. Dust yourself off and GO!

Love, Papa

Submitted by Rev Cheryl Birch
January 1, 2019

What You Pray Smells Really Good!

This month Holy Spirit has been speaking to me steadily about our role as intercessors living in the “evil laden” atmosphere that we find ourselves in the USA and all over the world. More than ever intercession and standing for righteousness as a unified body of believers in Christ Jesus is needed! While I was praying in response to His words to me, I felt led to reread a portion of James Goll’s book The Lost Art of Intercession. Here’s what he says that really inspired me to take courage and press in even more persistently to the heart of the Father through Christ Jesus:

Oh, what a blessed gift and privilege is the holy thing call prayer! More than anything else, prayer is man’s invitation sent heavenward for God’s response to be cast earthward – the human in exchange for the heavenly!
(2 Chronicles 7:1-3) … We want to see God’s glory fill the earth. It will happen through exchange. Prayer ascends. Incense arises. Man’s smoke signal to his Highest Chief arises declaring, “Send forth the fire!” Heavenly fire from the altar comes crashing down and the glory of the Lord fills His house once again. What goes up must come down!

Yes! Indeed! What wonderful picture of our prayers going up to the throne of grace as a cloud of incense. In the Old Testament that incense is a fragrant mixture of fresh pine-like and cinnamon-like spices. A sweet smelling savor to our God. None the less, the phrases that really hit my heart weren’t that beautiful image but: “Oh, what a blessed gift and privilege is the holy thing called prayer” and “The human in exchange for the Heavenly” and “What goes up must come down”

Our prayers don’t stay on earth. They are a holy thing and they travel to heaven. And, they don’t stay in heaven forever. They get exchanged for heavenly answers! They are returned to earth mixed with fire from God’s altar. They crash through the barriers of sin and evil with thunders and lightning and loud noises in the spirit realms and WHAM! Our prayers are answered supernaturally. We never know when or how the answer will come. That is up to our God. But, the answer will come down! We get a heavenly exchange with interest!

So, keep praying for your family and sphere of influence,for your city, state and nation, and for each other. It is a blessed gift and privilege to pray and talk to God. It is a privilege to stand as light in the darkness interceding for folks in need, whatever that need may be. Know that what you pray smells really really really good to God and suddenly it will smell so good to Him that the answers will come crashing to earth at just the right moment in time to fulfill His perfect will and plans.

As I was reading Romans 11 and 12 and meditating on the amazing picture of our intercession crashing back to earth, I was inspired to record another blessing prayer for the body of Christ. You can find the recording on my Semon.net station by clicking HERE.

Know that you, the Body of Christ, are all always in my prayers!
With love, joy and peace to you,
Rev. Cheryl